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Last night, I received this breaking news notification on my phone whilst in the middle of our game of #Pandemic. The irony was not lost on us, especially considering it was Europe that did us in in the end.

I haven't played Pandemic in years. Now that we brought it out again, I remember what a great game it is. We played on "heroic" difficulty (much to my wife's chagrin when I told her after we had lost the second time in a row), and I enjoyed it very much. I always forget how much I enjoy this game until I bring it out again. Too bad there's an actual crisis at hand that reminded me about this game. Perhaps next time I won't wait so long!

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Supporter15 months ago

That looks like a super old copy! The copy I have looks all modern.

15 months ago

Yeah, I bought this 2nd hand back in 2013 or 2014. Good as new, but yes, it does look old.

Supporter15 months ago

Yesterday afternoon, the president of El Salvador put the whole country under quarantine. All the schools, public and private have been closed for 3 weeks. Gatherings of more than 500 people are prohibited, and will be broken up by the police.

This quarantine basically means that if you are a if you are not a diplomate, or resident, or a citizen of El Salvador, you cannot enter the country. If you are a resident/citizen/diplomate you can enter, but at the cost of 30 days of quarantine. I have friends who are traveling, I am really curious what their quarantine will look like when they return. Because, we have been planning to travel to the states for two weeks, leaving in about a week in a half. At this point it looks unlikely that we will be able to do that. 

All these precautions are being taken, even though, El Salvador has NO confirmed cases of Covid 19.

Anyways, today I felt like I was living in a city in #Pandemic.

Supporter15 months ago

Just think if the US had promoted a more vigorous response initially. A lot of panic could have been avoided. Instead we just sat around waiting for more and more bad things to happen. Now it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better, and as a healthcare professional I will be right on the front lines!

Supporter15 months ago

I agree 100%. I think by and large the governments of the world have underreacted and done too little too late. By the same token, I think that the large majority of the population is overreacting on the fear and hysteria side.

My biggest fear is that our president will take this opportunity to deprive us of our constitutional freedoms in ways that benefit, not only the country, but him.

For instance, the leglislative assembly is debating a proposed bill right now. They started yesterday afternoon and adjourned for recess at 4:41 this morning. They will resume session at 2:00 p.m. This bill declares a state of emergency for El Salvador and removes a number of rights, these include but are not limited too:

The right of the citizen to decide where they want to live. The police can relocate them at any time.

The right of the citizen to have meetings for any preordained purposes, this includes religious, business, cultural, etc.... if you want to have a service or a cultural sort of meeting that has to be cleared by the director of public health and safety.

The right of the citizen to travel. Up to now, you could leave the country. But, if this bill goes through, than the boarders would be completely closed to ingress or egress.

The right of medical professionals to work where they are employed. El Salvador has a system of public health, but in addition to that they have a bunch of private hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. Some of these are very much a for profit enterprise, and others, like the one I am at, are non-profit orginizations. But, if this bill goes through, the medical professionals at those places, or in retirement can be called into service at the public hospitals at any moment and for any amount of time. 

I agree that on the surface these, and some of the other measures may appear wise against the threat that the Covid-19 represents. But, this El Señor Presidente de la República de El Salvador, Nayib Bukele has shown a few troubling signs, though, I have mostly really admired what he has done for El Salvador. I am sorta afraid that he will shut down public transportation, and put patrols in the streets..... and turn this place into a bit of a military dictatorship. 

15 months ago

That does make one nervous. I hope it doesn't come to that here. While I can understand why those measures may sound important and unavoidable, that amount of power is difficult to get back once it's gone. I certainly hope everything works out for you.

Supporter15 months ago

I am not to worried about us long term. If, the situation becomes intolerable long term we have a house in the states, I have a job in the states that I can step back into, we are all US citizens..... we have a easy way out. I am more worried about those that don't have a back door.

15 months ago

I’m glad you have a way out. I do feel bad for people in that situation who are stuck. It’s scary to watch unfold. 

Supporter15 months ago

Wow. Yes, on the surface those seem like prudent temporary measures but the long-term implications sound potentially terrifying. 

Only a few steps removed from an Emperor Palpatine situation. 

15 months ago

Dang, that is quite the quarantine. It's an effective method in keeping it from spreading though. Hopefully everything will go well for you through it all.

Owner15 months ago

Must be a bit strange when reality and gameplay matches up haha. One reason why I used to be interested in #Village but thought it could hit too close to home for some people or for myself depending on how life goes. 

15 months ago

I didn't know that's what Village was like until I read the synopsis just now. Sounds very interesting. Definitely surreal when real life and fiction match up. I think that's what's so strange about COVOID-19 for a lot of folks. We've had board games, video games, novels, and movies about this kind of thing for a long time. We watched (and played) as the world collapsed around us, yet we weren't affected at all. Real life sure has a way of catching up with us, though.

Supporter15 months ago

It's definitely scary. All those zombie movies where a virus spreads....

Supporter15 months ago

That's timing for you. 

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