We're officially partnering up with GAMA on a tabletop industry catalog


I mentioned a few weeks ago in a newsletter that a great opportunity came up for us to serve publishers, distributors, and retailers in the tabletop industry. Now we can officially announce the news!

It's a work in progress, but in the past month, we've partnered up with GAMA (The Game Manufacturers Association) to create a catalog that creates an easy connection point between retailers, publishers, and distributors:

  • Retailers can look up games using our search engine and flexible filter system, create Lists, and have all necessary info readily available to order through publishers/distributors
  • Publishers have the opportunity to stand out amongst 18,000+ publishers by highlighting their products through ad spaces, easily seeing what info needs to be filled out on their products, and by getting a premium account to provide more info in the catalog
  • In the near future, we'll be revamping our Publisher pages so that retailers can easily get in contact with the right person (not all publishers have an official website or one that is easily navigable). This will also serve as another opportunity for publishers to stand out by claiming their page, filling out the page with pictures of their products and team, and getting their fans to leave reviews. Likewise, we'll be creating Retailer pages for stores such as Miniature Market, Game Nerdz, and thousands of others out there.

There's still a lot of work to be done and features we want to implement, but we're excited to see what will come of this. If you're curious, here's the Home page, Catalog, and more info for publishers.

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Premium User6 months ago

Wow that sounds so cool!  

I am looking forward to seeing where this takes you!

Moderator Level 15 months ago

This sounds amazing and such a huge project! I'm excited for you all. 

Premium User6 months ago

Looking forward to more.  This looks great!

Moderator Level 16 months ago

I'm so happy to hear that. I hope that is a partnership that works out well for both of you.

Premium User6 months ago

Whoa, congrats! This is very cool!

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