Feedback needed for new game idea

I'm at the very early stages of creating a new game with what I believe is a unique/different game mechanic and would like to get some feedback from the community.
I have outlined the idea and key gameplay elements below.

There is a serial killer at work in the city and they must be stopped. Investigators are on the case and must travel round the city to collect clues as to the location and identity of the killer. The twist, one of the investigators is the killer. Be the first to collect the clues and work with or against the others - to stand the best chance of catching the killer you must share your clues, but give away too much and they might beat you to it or the killer may go free.

Key points
4-6 players.
Tile based board system - 2 sets of tiles Street and Location.
Clue cards specific to each scenario - each clue is in the form of a QR code and once scanned on a mobile phone will reveal the clue.
Clues fall into 4 categories - physical evidence (collected at murder scenes), witness, suspect and surveillance.
The Police Station tile is placed first as the start tile.
Each turn the player places 2 tiles, one from the street pile and one from the location pile.
You then make your movement.
Perform a search and draw a clue card and reviews it in secret.
Choose whether to share or withhold the clue - you do not show the others the clue, you describe it. Or you can choose to identify the killer or lair location - each of these can only be done once per player and to identify the location you must be on that tile.
At some point one of the clue cards will identify that player as the killer, from that point they may choose to give false leads. Early games will have false clues, later games it will be up to the player to make up their own.

The game ends when all tiles are placed + 3 more rounds.
The Killer is correctly identified
The Killers lair is discovered.

The setting would be Modern or Future.

Any thoughts on the idea would be appreciated and please share this post with any gaming friends you have as the more feedback I get up front the better.

Thank you

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52 days ago

Thank you all for your comments, these are really usefull.  With the feedback from here Reddit and BGG I think I have a great starting point.  I am pleasently surprised by the positivity I seen on these sites.  I will keep you all informed of my progress and rest assured I will keep you all in mind for early playtest if I get to that point.

59 days ago

I really enjoy social deduction games, so am liking the bones of it, just a couple of questions:

'At some point one of the clue cards will identify that player as the killer' - does this mean that the killer doesn't know they are the killer to begin with? 

How do the clues relate to who the killer is? Does each player have a character sheet with information on that you can compare clues against or something else?

It seems like there is an incentive for the investigators to lie/be misleading about their clues: you want everyone else's information but don't want to give up yours. I worry that you would end up with just a tonne of mis-information so players would feel like they couldn't actually to 'detective work'. Did you have any thoughts how to prevent this?

Other than getting called out for giving 'false leads' is there any way for the killer becamone suspicious to the other players through their actions?


2 months ago

Reading this reminded me of #Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. I'm a little confused about how the tile placement ties into the game. By placing tiles, are you revealing more areas of the map to search for clues from? Also, would the app know who the killer is and be able to give them false leads? 

59 days ago

I like the idea where tiles and murder mystery are mixed and that some player will need to bluff like a badass.

I was less interested in reading all the clues are via smartphone.

I don't fully understand the concept yet to see a game happening in my head but you seem to have some interestin ingredients together that make a fresh recipe to me.

It feels like a viable idea to me that certainly is worth digging deeper into.