BGA Fix #12: Images in notifications proper size


Today's fix is a smaller one since I'm working on a bigger project of better integration when users import/sync their BGG data (more news on that next week hopefully). In your notifications images were not properly sized, especially on mobile, and now they are the proper width!

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hoppities 6 days ago | 1 point[-]

Is there a better place for me to post questions about BGA as a whole? I always just ask them under one of the BGA posts.

Anyhow, is there an iOS app? I looked for it in the app store, but I couldn't find it. I also couldn't seem to find anything about it on the site.


trentellingsen Supporter5 days ago | 1 point[-]

There isn't an iOS app yet but I've got one in the works. It wont be out for a few months though.

Sliddell11 7 days ago | 1 point[-]

Woooo! Thanks!

Skurvy5 Supporter8 days ago | 1 point[-]

Another great QOL fix!

disom 8 days ago | 1 point[-]

I just noticed this fix when I was checking my notifications!

Marshwiggle92 Supporter8 days ago | 1 point[-]

Thank you sir. 

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