BGA Fix #12: Images in notifications proper size


Today's fix is a smaller one since I'm working on a bigger project of better integration when users import/sync their BGG data (more news on that next week hopefully). In your notifications images were not properly sized, especially on mobile, and now they are the proper width!

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10 months ago

Is there a better place for me to post questions about BGA as a whole? I always just ask them under one of the BGA posts.

Anyhow, is there an iOS app? I looked for it in the app store, but I couldn't find it. I also couldn't seem to find anything about it on the site.


Supporter10 months ago

There isn't an iOS app yet but I've got one in the works. It wont be out for a few months though.

10 months ago

Woooo! Thanks!

Supporter10 months ago

Another great QOL fix!

10 months ago

I just noticed this fix when I was checking my notifications!

Supporter10 months ago

Thank you sir. 

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