July’s Upcoming KS Board Games (Part 1) The Great Clash of Summer 2019


We’re about to witness one of the most intense months in the “tabletop” category on Kickstarter. Mythic has already launched their Super Fantasy Brawl. There’s also Middara with over 2 million dollars pledged. And let’s not forget about Jurassic World, Roll Player and Dwellings of Eldervale. All of the above are just the beginning, as the amount of July projects with high potential and big names attached to them, is insane.  

Let’s have a look at the first batch of games.

Smartphone Inc. – July 2nd

 Smartphone Inc. is an economic board game set in the 2000s – the time when smartphone business was still budding, and there were plenty of amazing opportunities on the market. It was released last year and soon it will reappear on Kickstarter along its new expansion.  The game takes place over the course of 5 rounds. Your goal is to become the most successful player on the market. To achieve it you’ll have to work on developing new technologies, creating new company buildings and expanding your range of products. Gameplay is based around an action planning mechanic, which is delivered in a way pretty unique to the genre.  What to expect from the new edition? First of all: higher production quality of the components. A new “hardcore mode” for those who want an even bigger challenge. There are also some tweaks to the rules to make the game smoother and more replayable.  

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