Loodo Ninja – Top 7 Board Games to Back Right Now – October and November 2019

October didn’t disappoint! On Kickstarter we’ve had some million sellers, big returns and great games made by completely new players on the market. It’s always hard to pick my favourites, but this month made it even more of a challenge.

🎲 Let’s go!

1. Oathsworn – Legacy games are always among the top funded projects, and this one looks like something that could entertain me and my group for weeks, if not months. The game is fully cooperative and has a plenty of hidden components you’re supposed to unlock while going through the nonlinear story campaign enhanced with audio narration. Miniatures and illustrations are top notch. I’m torn between this and Chronicles on Druganor (sorry wallet!)

2. Tiny Epic Dinosaurs – Tiny Epic series never ends and I’m happy with that. Dinosaurs is the newest installment and it makes players take...


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