What did you play this week? (1/23/2023)

(1/23/2023) This is an automated weekly post to talk about the games you played last week.

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5 days ago

CABS Games played on Friday 1/20 & Saturday 1/21 ... Our double header .... 125+ onsite Friday and 100+ onsite on Saturday - Columbus Area Boardgaming Society ... next up Saturday 1/28 

Friday @ CABS Double Header

Saturday, January 21st games played @ CABS

Moderator Level 16 days ago

Remember in my SoS contest post how I said I was hoping to get to some of those games this week? Well I did just that!

In Person

#Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem x1 - Played this with Sarah and her friend. Basically a simple area majority "dudes on a map" style game. They actually refer to the figures as "dudes" in the rules as I think a tongue in cheek reference to that term. I had fun playing, though I'd say it's my least favorite of the new to me games I played this week. To some of Sarah's friends and family, I'm known as the "board game master" lol. This makes some of them not exactly care if they win games so long as they beat me and that's exactly what happened in this game. I kept getting attacked which just let Sarah run out ahead and pick up a huge win. Maybe with 4 players (or more playing with expansions) it would feel less king maker-y.

#Mystic Vale x1 - with the #Mystic Vale: Twilight Garden Expansion. This was also on my list for my contest as a game I wanted to get back to. When I ranked my top 25 back in 2020, it was my number 5. It has since been played 0 times and has fallen to my number 24 as a result. I'm glad we played it again as it reminded me that I do in fact like this game, though my 5th favorite of all time was 100% too high. Part of that is just having played so many other, better games since I started gaming.

#Wingspan x1 - Another one of Sarah's friends was over on the weekend. She's heard us talking about Wingspan so much, she went out and bought it on our recommendation alone and has quickly played it 5-6 times now. Of course since she was at our house, we HAD to play. Always a really good time. I think with the addition of the #Wingspan: European Expansion and #Wingspan: Oceania Expansion, we can nearly fill our boards with regularity even without 's house rules.

#MarraCash x1 - My brother and a couple friends came over yesterday and I used the opportunity to play so many games haha. This is an auction game where you have a shared marketplace board of different colored shops that you put up for auction. The general gist is there are customers that come in the same color as the shops that come into the marketplace in groups of 2-4 which are then moved as a group onto specific fountain spaces. If a customer's color matches the color of an owned shop that it moves past the door of, it moves into the shop and that player gets money. This started pretty slow with us just feeling out how things worked. Once one of us got $900 in one turn, the wheels started turning and we were playing a lot more strategically. It plays kind of like a cube rails game and felt like there's a lot more to be explored.

#Ghosts of Christmas x1 - My one friend grew up playing a lot of card games so I try to get him to play trick takers with me whenever possible. This one broke his brain for a couple turns, but then he figured it out. Very low scoring game as I think we were just out to screw with each other more so than try to hit our bids. Pretty fun and want to play it more.

#Code of Nine x1 - This game was super interesting, but felt a little too short to do everything you wanted. Which, I suppose, could have been the point. My only goal was to score positive points and now I want to play it again to see if I could do better. The worst part of it by far was the scoring. We all agreed the score sheet should be listed by the order of the scoring cards and not by each individual resource. Speaking of this, I realized at some point last night that some resources have a base score that I totally did not take into account. Oops!

#Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion x1 - My brother and I started a campaign of this so long ago and didn't get very far. My one friend wanted to jump into it with us so I figured why not make it a full count of 4? We basically brought the other 2 up to speed, giving them approximately the same resources/XP as we had. We actually won scenario 4 which I feel like I've lost 3 times previously lol. I wish I had more time to prepare to play this as it has been so long that I forgot how certain things worked and it would have been nice to just set up their decks and whatnot vs having to waste so much time doing that immediately before starting. Everyone seemed to have a good time despite it taking forever.


#Azul x1 - With my coworkers. I've been enjoying this Azul resurgence for myself. I actually looked into #Azul: Queen's Garden at 's suggestion and I don't think it would work for us. It's a tad too complicated for Azul lol. This did send me down the rabbit hole and I discovered #Azul: Summer Pavilion. I subsequently sent Sarah a how to play video which she actually watched. She even went back to answer a question she had for herself. I may have found a winning Azul game for us.

#Wingspan x1 - Wait, Wingspan again?! I got lucky with card draws and actually scored in the 70s on BGA which I feel is high for the base game on it's own. This game's so much fun.

#Ticket to Ride x1 - Came in dead last in a 5 player game against some of my coworkers. My destination cards were pretty short and easy to get to, but by the time I managed to link them up, the map was pretty full so I didn't take more. I think 3-4 players is probably a sweet spot for me with this one.

#Bruges x 1 - mentioned we played this together on Yucata. I think it's pretty fun and I could see it making my top x number of games in the future.

#The Castles of Burgundy x 2 - Played another 4 player game of this with my coworkers then a 2 player game with Sarah last night. In the game with my coworkers, one of them had board 8 and was absolutely going to destroy us. I may have hate drafted a couple of pig tiles towards the end just to make sure that wouldn't happen lol. I've never done that before because your turns are so few and important. I thought I was losing either way, but I ended up winning by 2 points! As for the game with Sarah, she and I stayed up super late last night playing. I was trying to help her learn how to play better because at this point I've played way more than she has and it feels kind of mean to play against her. She still had fun but for how long that will continue I don't know lol.

3 days ago

Sons of Anarchy definitely has kingmaker aspects to it. We had a little fun when we played it, calling the (drugs) holdalls 'Designer handbags', and playing up those biker 'dudes' having aun unhealthy obsession with them.

5 days ago

My group of 4 just cleared scenario 4 in #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion too. It looked a bit iffy whether we'd actually complete it but then our Voidwarden pulled off some crazy maneuver that killed a few enemies in one attack and made victory possible.

I hadn't played with 4 players until this new campaign so it's been interesting noticing the differences in difficulty from the 2 player setup. The biggest one I've noticed so far is that because all of our characters have some kind of elemental attacks, the enemies are way more likely to use up those elements before your team. These interactions caused us to change our game plan a few times to avoid way harsher punishment from the enemies.

Moderator Level 12 days ago

Yeah I think we got to where we destroyed the 4 runes and we were absolutely surrounded by enemies. I was pretty sure we were going to lose, but somehow we pulled it out. I think the characters play pretty well off of each other. I wouldn't call it easier than in our 2 player attempt, but I don't think the Voidwarden in particular is very useful at anything less than a full count.

One thing I need to figure out how to adjust though - my one friend who's played and owns the OG Gloomhaven was insistent that we gained XP after defeating enemies. I have no idea where he got that from, but we found out after our victory that we weren't supposed to be doing that. I'll just have to figure out approximately how much to take away from ourselves after the next scenario to fix it.

2 days ago

Oh wow yeah that's gonna be difficult to go back and correct. You only gain XP for certain attacks and for completing scenarios. I'm sure you can just count the number of enemies during setup and subtract that.

Moderator Level 117 hours ago

Yeah that's what I was thinking. Thankfully we only did it for this most recent scenario!

Premium User6 days ago

Glad you found an Azul that worked!  I have looked in to all 4 and thought this one would work best for me but now I'm curious about maybe completing the collection.

Nothing wrong with a bit of hate drafting if you are still in the race for the win.  Them losing points is as good as you getting points in that case.

Moderator Level 12 days ago

I think #Azul: Queen's Garden is just a little too much for what I'd want out of it. I could always rebuy the original, but that's a bit too mean for Sarah and I think the only people I'd ever play it with other than her I play with online anyway.

#Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra seemed way too mean so #Azul: Summer Pavilion it is!

As for the hate drafting, I've just never done it before in CoB and I have nearly 50 plays in of that game. It was also SUPER late in the game. I think we had 3 turns after the turn I did it. I literally had a full storage space so I intentionally discarded one of my tiles then discarded the tile I took off the board just to take both tiles she needed and therefore completely wasted my turns. Glad it wasn't for nothing haha. Her losing points was 100% worth it though because without doing that, she was set to gain 80 more points from animal tiles!

Premium User2 days ago

My group tends to lean heavy so Queen's Garden is just fine for us.  I am curious about the other ones though.  I'm going to have to go through the rules for them.

To me what you did was perfect hate drafting.  You picked the right time and took tiles that were valuable to them.  Sure you wasted some turns but you got the win.  Also, you weren't doing it to them the entire game but instead you were very strategic about it.  If the other person has a hard time blaming you for it then you know it was reasonable.

Moderator Level 16 days ago

In Person

  • #Dune: Imperium w/ #Dune: Imperium – Rise of Ix @ 3p - we played the"epic mode" which means the game ends at 12 points instead of 10. I played a pretty good game I felt, ending with 14 points, but one guy scored about 6 points between the final round and endgame scoring and jumped ahead. I've never seen that big of a jump before.
  • #The Quacks of Quedlinburg @ 2p - we had left this out from a previous game so we played again. It's so fast at 2 players when you're comfortable with how to play. Anyway, I actually won this time!
  • #War Chest 4x - taught this to my friend since I'd talked about it for so long, but we'd never gotten together for and 2 player games. He said he liked it quite a bit, though I did beat him every game, haha. The last couple games he played very well, though, and one of them I only won due to an extremely unlucky bag pull on his part on the last turn.
  • #The Crew: Mission Deep Sea @ 4p - we played through 5 or 6 missions. They were all pretty easy since we just started going through it, but we had a lot of fun with it. I love this game and the original version.


  • #Sea Salt & Paper 2x - this is a quick card game that I quite enjoyed. It's got a healthy dose of luck in it, but that's mitigated by playing several rounds until someone reaches 40 points.
  • #Next Station: London 2x - fun flip and write game
  • #Viticulture: Essential Edition @ 3p - I got a good set of cards early in the game and made quick work of the game, nearly doubling the next highest score. I definitely see the complaints about the luck of the cards in this game.
  • #Bruges w/ - first time for me, and maybe 2nd or so for Carson? Anyway, I didn't have a great handle on the rules until later in the game, but I understood enough to come to the conclusion that I'd like this game and would definitely like to play in person.

Moderator Level 16 days ago

I'm glad you liked #Bruges! Some of the cards I've seen seem pretty mean but one thing I like about it is that you don't have to play them for the effects on the cards. Turns it into a mean game Sarah would hate to one that doesn't have to be haha.

I heard about #Sea Salt & Paper on the Board Game Barrage podcast recently and it sounded kind of interesting. I'd give it a shot if you wanted to play more.

Moderator Level 16 days ago

Sure, I'll set up a game!

Premium User6 days ago

I won't play Viticulture on board game arena anymore as you really need the Tuscany board to help with some of the card luck.  I just found it frustrating when card luck hit.  Winning or losing because of card luck is not fun.

In real life I can add the moors in to dilute the deck a bit more or use the #Viticulture: Visit from the Rhine Valley cards which are supposed to be more even. 

5 days ago

We had a father and son join our group yesterday evening, keen to game, but whose experience was mostly limited to the 'classics' (Monopoly, Cluedo, risk etc.). We settled on #The Quest for El Dorado as a starter, based on it being fairly easy to teach and that it can be played 'open-handed' to be able to identify options for each player and then let them choose. It went down well I think.

#Just One was a follow-up and they took to it like ducks to water (though the son had played it as an RE activity in school).

#Cockroach Poker closed it out and I could see the 'take that' side of classic gaming coming through a little, but the game soon drives the attention around the table.

All seemed to go down well.

In addition we've recently played #Viscounts of the West Kingdom and #Cascadia, plus a rare thing for me, some solo gaming in the form of #Frostpunk: The Board Game

35 hours ago

A Saturday session at the library also added anothyer outing for #Just One, another #The Quest for El Dorado (this time a bit more challenging for the 'new to modern gaming' gamers to pick up, but nonetheless they finished 1st and 2nd :¬)

We finished with a game of #6 Nimmt! which I'd played once before so easy to pick up.

3 days ago

Oh, I forgot that we also played #Q.E. which I'd been wanting to play for ages. It is a wonderful insight into how the human brain handles such a situation, and interesting that in our group there was a rather steady progression upwards from £1000 to the (IIRC) final winning bid of £1.4bn. 

I picked up one tile early, but then went big mid-game, picking up 3 in a row, but fortunately it carried the later bidding upwards, so IIRC I was just 3rd of 5 in the overall spend. I think it might have been 5 tiles I got in total - enough for the win.


Comment deleted.

5 days ago

#High Society - Had a little bit of time while waiting for people to show up so did a quick game of this.  I ended up winning when the last green card came up early and 2 of the guys didn't have any points yet and the one guy with way more points than me was the lowest amount of money in his hand.

#Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King - Had our 5th  join so we played this.  I came in second cause I had less money than the winner, we were tied going into the money scoring.  A really fun game.

#Article 27: The UN Security Council Game - Had a 6th join for the last game of the night and pulled out this one.  Great thing about this game is that is like 6 min a player so it plays super fast and simple.  Really like this one and would like to see it hit the table more often. 

2 solo games of #Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game w/ #Legendary: A Marvel Deckbuilding Game - World War Hulk expansion.  Won both games and had a pretty good time figuring out each puzzle.

#Frosthaven - my youngest asked to play so him and I did my next scenario in my solo campaign.  He played pretty well and we won scenario 4.  I then played scenario 5 (won) and scenario 9 (lost 3 times) over the weekend.  Really excited to continue on the journey with my solo characters.

Premium User5 days ago

I started on my solo Frosthaven campaign and I'm enjoying it quite a bit too!  I like the changes to loot and the outpost phase.  It's fleshed out the campaign around the game really nicely.  I just completed scenario 2 and on to 4 perhaps this evening.

17 hours ago

I'd heard they'd put a little bit more thought into the challenges, which frankly were awfully repetitive in Gloomhaven:

- Clear room of enemies, enter next room and repeat for each room


- Survive 10 rounds

Considering the innovative combat system, the challenges were the opposite of that.

How's Frosthaven working out in that respect? (perhaps without spoilers, out of those not yet started). Perhaps they've taken a lead from Etherfields and made each scenario feel different, and even sought some innovation of their own in scenario design?

Premium User8 hours ago

I've only done three scenarios so far and they have been reasonably standard although #4 was definitely different near the end.  However, I would expect the first few to be basic to ease new people in to it.  Based on what I've seen so far I think there should be some variety to be found.

5 days ago

Scenario 4 may be my favorite scenario so far.  Its a really fun one.  Good luck.  I also really enjoyed scenario 3 (which you are now locked out of), escaped that one by the skin of my teeth. 

Scenario 9 took me 4 tries.  Pretty sure I messed up a couple of rules the first 2 times and then got monster action screwed in the 3rd attempt.

Premium User5 days ago

I have just barely pulled things off in scenario 1 and 2.  A bit of rust on my part but also great game balance. 

I am sure I have got a couple of things wrong but I'm slowly catching up.  Definitely enjoying it!  Glad I decided not to sell it.

4 days ago

Who are you playing as in your solo campaign?  I'm doing the Drifter & Boneshaper combo.  I'm playing the Geminate in my 4 player campaign.

Premium User4 days ago

I decided to start basic and went with the Drifter and Banner Spear.  They are stil pretty interesting though!

4 days ago

I've been loving my Drifter.  The management of the bonus's is a fun challange and earning 10 - 13 XP a round is always fun. 

My buddy playing the banner spear I can't tell if he likes it or not.  He's trying to play it in way more of a support role and I'm not sure that's the best build for that character.  He also is earning XP like crazy.  He earned 15 in our game last night while my Geminate only earned 6.  He earned more by himself than I did with the bonus. 

The death walker and blink blade both look fun and interesting as well.  I can see where BB has such high complexity as he's always trying to plan his actions at least 2 moves ahead to see when he goes fast vs slow, good thing he's not super AP prone (though he does suffer from it a little bit, especially after he rests and gets all his cards back). 

I agree that the outpost phase is way more interesting than the city phase of GH.  The biggest problem I have with the outpost phase is since there isn't an app to help track that, we can't do it over text during the week so when we get together we just do the scenario. Since there are so many resources to track across the 4 of us, tracking who is giving up what to build/craft stuff is harder to manage.  I'm sure i'll figure out a system soon though that will help to speed things up.

Premium User4 days ago

Yeah, I haven't leveled up yet but I can see there are some definite ways to take the drifter build.  I put out 4 bonuses in the last scenario and that limited my deck a bit too much and I nearly decked out.  Focusing on ranged/healer or melee/retaliate might make more sense but we'll see.  I haven't looked ahead too much.  

Banner Spear is definitely interesting.  I haven't leveled up there either but I can see it as support but also as a more aggressive class.  Using the reinforcements cards can set you up for the big attacks quite easily and it's not a lost card when the reinforcment (nearly inevitably) dies so they can do some things there for sure.  

I make the outpost phase just part of the scenario (assuming you aren't playing linked scenarios) playing solo.  I think I'd try to do the same thing multiplayer.  As far as contributing resources to the group, it's not much of an issue solo. :)

6 days ago

One of the slowest weeks in a while:

#Sushi Go! - Played while waiting for others to arrive. Slowly getting tires of this game because we play it so often. Got 3rd place.

#Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale - Still a nice little puzzle after a few dozen plays. Got 2nd place.

#Blood Rage - Went the Loki route and did incredibly well. Got 2nd place only because another player denied me points on the last battle of the game which would have pushed me over to 1st place.

#Star Wars: Outer Rim - Went the Lando illegal cargo route. Unfortunately my cargo kept forcing me to go to opposite ends of the map which took a lot of turns. Another player went with the killing patrols route and won. Tied for 2nd place.

#Love Letter - It's a fun little game still. Got 3rd place.

Premium User6 days ago

Lots of good plays there.

Did you get #Love Letter (2019 Edition)?  I recommend that one as it adds just a couple more easy to integrate characters and allows for more players.  I went to it at work because 4 players wasn't enough.

6 days ago