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Weekly Challenge #7: Out of Print Games on Your Wishlist?

I realize this may be a question limited to a small niche of people who like out of print games, but do you have a game or mutiple games on your wishlist that are out of print? What about those games appel to you?

For my self I have only one...for now:

#Russian Railroads: this game, though thought to be quite themeless, looks like a really fun and solid engine builder. I also really enjoy the artwork in this game.

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Supporter5 months ago

I do have several on my wish list.

#The Great Zimbabwe


#An Infamous Traffic

#Ortus Regni

#Renegade (this was supposed to come back into print. But with the changes at Victory Point games I don't know what is going on.)

I currently have #John Company, but there is a second edition coming up that I will probably get.


In addition to these, There are a number of OOP games that I would pick up in a heartbeat if I could,, but they are so far out of my reach that they haven't made it to my wishlist. These are games like:

#Glory To Rome




55 days ago

Pearl Games has announced they're doing a second print-run of Ginkgopolis in 2020

5 months ago

Well I don't know if you'd call it out of print...I'd love an English version of a Japanese game called #Rumble Nation. I don't know of any plans to print it in English and that's a shame - it looks like a neat game.

5 months ago

Ahh the great language barrier... so many great games are kept from being known because of that and then sadly puts them out of print

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