Quiver Time CITADEL Deck Block: Cards, Dice, Tokens & Coins

We all know how much we invest in our games, and we want to protect that investment. But our cards and dice can't stay home alone. The fun part is showing up for a game day or a tournament. So we need a quality product that makes it easy to keep everything secure. It needs to be durable and portable, and it needs to look good. With all of that in mind, the team at Quiver Time has developed the newest in their line of gaming accessories: the Citadel Deck Block.

The Citadel Deck Block is extra-secure, with a strong magnetic closure and an elastic strap. No cards or dice can escape! The clear divider lets you store dice down below, lets you raise up cards to use for a draw deck, or gives you extra protection on top of your cards, plus it can double as a scorecard. Taking your dice and stats cards on a late-night dungeon raid? The spot to label your box glows in the dark

For £19 (about US$25) you can get an Early Bird Citadel Deck Block in red with free shipping! For £29 (about US$38) you can get a Citadel Deck Block and a Sleeves Box (300 units), also with free shipping. 

There are also options to combine the new Citadel Deck Block with their Quiver cases, and stretch goals with other colors, so check out the campaign before it ends on February 25, 2020. 

Go to the Kickstarter!

About the Citadel Deck Block

The Citadel Deck Block is more than a deck box - it is several pieces that work together during the game, in addition to providing protection during transport. 

The clear divider can be used to create a place for dice below your cards, to lift the cards so that they can form a tidy draw pile, or as a top layer over the cards. It also doubles as a score card (just wipe it clean after the game). 

The central black box lifts free of the outer layer, and has finger cutouts to more easily access the cards (something I noticed right away and appreciated). It has a spot to label the box with the contents or your name, and this label area even glows in the dark.

The Citadel Deck Block holds up to:

* 100 double-sleeved cards OR

* 130+ single-sleeved cards OR

* 60+ double sleeved + divider + dice & tokens OR

* 80+ single sleeved + divider + dice & tokens.

The Citadel fits perfectly with all other Quiver Time products. Two Citadel Deck Blocks fit side by side inside the Bolt, and the Quiver Case can house up to four Citadel Deck Blocks.

More on Kickstarter

The campaign includes options for 3D-printable modular deck blocks plus the full range of Quiver Time products, so be sure to check it out before it ends on February 25, 2020.

See the Kickstarter

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9 months ago

I wii I hold actually really like to get this for star realms. I just don’t think this is where I want my money to go right now

Supporter9 months ago

Man, I wish I could justify this.... 

9 months ago

Same... I couldn’t spend around $20 on a deck box. If I was heavy into these games I would consider it.

Supporter9 months ago

I could tell a lot of thought went in to designing it.

Supporter9 months ago

I love the design. 

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