New Accredited Critic Feature

New Board Game Atlas Critic System

We are pleased to announce the brand new Board Game Atlas review system is now live! Working with some of the best names in the business, game pages will now feature a separate critic score in addition to the aggregated review score from the community.

The open enrollment period is now closed. The response was overwhelming and we appreciate all who applied. And with that, we are very excited to reveal the initial slate of publications with accredited critics:

3 Minute Board games
Blue Peg Pink Peg
Board Game Barrage
Board Game Halv
Board Game Quest
Board of It
Cardboard Rhino
Chairman of the Board
Dice Tower, The
Game Boy Geek
Game Cows
Geeks Under Grace
Hungry Gamer
Lighten Up Initiative, The
Meeple Mountain
Not Bored Gaming
Punchboard Reviews
Rahdo Runs Through
Tabletop Family
There Will Be Games
Unfiltered Gamer
What's Eric Playing?

This is the first group of critics with the program to be expanded in July during the next open enrollment period. In addition to the separate score, the previous community reviews have been converted to a 100 point system.

The system has launched with over 3000 critic review snippets with more being added every day while we catch up on the deep catalogs of all these prolific voices. You can head over to a game page now to see the two different scores.

Not surprisingly, some of the titles with several reviews already include many of the most popular games you would expect to see. Head on over to the popular titles page where several of the games have very comprehensive coverage from the experts.

This marks a key step in a road map of many new features planned for the coming weeks, each one just as exciting as the next. Stay tuned for new updates, but as a preview tease, we will just say that maybe you should click on the profiles of the people you like and try to find the fairly hidden "follow" button to click for now.


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5 months ago

"previous community reviews have been converted to a 100 point system."

Although I appreciate the effort, I feel like this step has been useless. A few months ago I imported all my ratings from BGG. All my 7.5s and 9.25 were converted to bland stars and now they have been re-escaled to a 100 point system without taking into account the original BGG rating, so all my ratings are now 20s, 60s and 80s.

Is there any way to re-import ratings from BGG so that a 6.7 gets properly transformed into a 67?

Owner5 months ago

This is actually one of the items that will be resolving later. Hopefully it'll happen in the next few weeks.

5 months ago


Moderator Level 15 months ago

Looking forward to this!  You're all doing great work here!

5 months ago

Aw-shucks, thanks! Much more to come!!

5 months ago

This is a solid lineup. I can get behind this.

5 months ago

We agree!! Glad to have you.

Premium User5 months ago

Super exciting! Well done BGAtlas team. Keep up the good work! I hope people find these useful.

5 months ago

Thank you so much!! We are excited to being one step further along in bringing quality board game info to the world.

Owner5 months ago

Just saw that the news of our critic feature has been shared on a korean board game community! (the post has 650 views so far)

I see your face 😆

Partner5 months ago

I am famous!

5 months ago

This is such an awesome feature! I was considering building something similar for Recommend.Games, and now I don't have to 🤓

5 months ago

Thank you so much for those kind words!

5 months ago

FYI - receiving error when I try to follow anhyone other than The Dice Tower gang.

Moderator Level 15 months ago

This is exciting news 

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