Root: DIY Storage


It was my first go and you can see it's a bit rough around the edges, but it'll work.  I'm excited to finish them all.  It's a great free printable storage solution for Root.  @philryuh, I think you'd like it.

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Owner12 months ago

Just something I found while looking up references for Kyle Ferrin's illustrations of the various factions (I'm trying to take a stab at sketching some ideas for your faction). Not something I'm interested in buying, but it looked cool! Non-DIY options are just so expensive :(


Supporter12 months ago

This is super pretty and I'm sure it's great for boxing up.  But it looks like it could be a bit to pick up, which is a bit of a downside to a storage solution for me.  Ideally I want a storage solution that makes set up and clean up a breeze (which is why I like the Clans one so much), and I like what the DIY solution for Root offers in that manner too.

Supporter12 months ago

I just made my second box.  It was much easier the second time.  I think it'll roll quickly when I make more soonish.

Owner12 months ago

This is awesome! I'd definitely do this in the near future, especially if I get an expansion next year. Probably the Underworld since anything above 2p count is unlikely.

Supporter12 months ago

Yeah, I think the Underworld would be better if you are normally only going to play at 2P.

Supporter12 months ago

How does it work?

Supporter12 months ago

Check out this site (there are links to each of the PDF downloads). Root Organization

Basically, you print out the files on card stock and he has a video that explains how to cut and fold and tape to create the box.  It's really cool.  Takes a while for the first couple but I can see how it would speed up once you kind of had an idea how to do it.

12 months ago

Hehe, the otters are so cute

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