Top Trending 2020 Board Games - Best Climbers of May Week 3

Since you asked for it, here's more content around data I dug up from our google analytics!

This will be a weekly post where I present 10 games that have climbed the most in rankings based on number of views. The list is limited to games that have placed within the top 100, and I am leaving out expansions (such as ones from #Marvel Champions: The Card Game or #Arkham Horror: The Card Game) and games that were promoted on our social media for deal alerts. Whenever possible, I will also explain the possible reasoning behind the climb. Enjoy!

10. #Architects of the West Kingdom (Rank #77) - Climbed +75

You'll quickly notice a pattern in this list, and it's Garphill Games and Spiel des Jahres 2020. The Kennerspiel des Jahres (Connoisseur-Enthusiast Game of the Year) nominees were announced on the 18th of this month, and these annual announcements tend to bring spotlight onto past winners/nominees/recommended games as well. Architects was a "recommended" game from 2019. 

9. #Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar (Rank #44) - Climbed +79

2013 Kennerspiel des Jahres recommended. It's quite far back though, so I'm not sure if there might have been other reasons. This has been on my wishlist but just hasn't made it to the short list for the longest time. Hopefully next year!

8. #On Mars (Rank #75) - Climbed +101

Hmm I have no idea about this one. It's a heavy weight game and these tend to be swingy in traction when analyzing the traffic on a weekly basis.

7. #Raiders of the North Sea (Rank #69) - Climbed +109

2017 Kennerspiel des Jahres nominee. Not only this, Raiders of the North likely received additional traffic as a result of the attention on #Raiders of Scythia at the moment.

6. #Paladins of the West Kingdom (Rank #39) - Climbed +145

2020 Kennerspiel des Jahres recommended. It's incredible that Paladins, Architects, and Raiders have all been nominated or recommended.

5. #Twilight Struggle (Rank #87) - Climbed +148

No idea about this one. My best guess would be that it placed on a well known content creator's top 10 of sorts. Shut Up & Sit Down also recently reviewed #Watergate, which seems to remind people of #Twilight Struggle, but I think that would be quite a stretch of imagination. I tried looking up some keywords around this game on YouTube, and I ran into this video by a non-board game related YouTuber with 500K+ followers who recently played Twilight Struggle on TTS. This also seems like a stretch though.

4. #Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization (Rank #80) - Climbed +176

I believe there's an expansion that's been released featuring new leaders. There have been issues with the physical copies due to misprinting I believe but this content has been incorporated on the app. Meanwhile, designer Vlaada recently began a series of designer's notes on Czech Games Edition's blog.

3. #Rallyman: GT (Rank #70) - Climbed +184

I saw a post on r/boardgames that this game has been added onto Board Game Arena. Perhaps people are trying it out and wanting to purchase?

2. #Nova Luna (Rank #12) - Climbed +445

2020 Spiel des Jahres nominee with Uwe Rosenberg's name tag. I wanted to get this so that @trentellingsen can review it but it's already sold out in many of the stores. It will be in stock again on Amazon on June 3rd but with a price tag of ~$10 more than usual. Should I go for it? (I already ordered #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine and #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale so that Trent can review it for all of us).

1. #My City (Rank #24) - Climbed +546

2020 Spiel des Jahres nominee with Reiner Knizia's name tag! Tile placement game that's quite a looker as well.

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trentellingsen Supporter2 days ago | 4 points[-]

@philryuh if this post gets over 15 upvotes then I’ll approve the purchase of #Nova Luna. 😉

nealkfrank 47 hours ago | 2 points[-]

upvoted as well!

theDL 2 days ago | 2 points[-]

Upvoted :)

philryuh Supporter43 hours ago | 1 point[-]

Hahaha this is why you're in charge of YouTube.

lanista 46 hours ago | 2 points[-]

Love to see #Twilight Struggle on this list, so rich in theme and history. Some day ill have it.

philryuh Supporter43 hours ago | 1 point[-]

I've yet to try and have no idea how I'd like it.

theDL 41 hours ago | 1 point[-]

I'm sure it's a great game, but straight historical themes have very little appeal to me. I'm not sure why, as I find history pretty interesting. Maybe it's because I just want to escape and relax when I'm playing games. IDK.

Courageous Bob 31 hours ago | 1 point[-]

Interesting, is it just when it is themed around a specific event or do you also tend to shy away from games that are just vaguely set in a particular era? Like Rome or the Renaissance etc.

theDL 25 hours ago | 1 point[-]

A specific event. I guess the Cold War can be thought of as an era, and not a specific event, so I guess I don't really know, haha. 

Courageous Bob 3 hours ago | 1 point[-]

Cold war is kind of a strange one I guess, as it's somewhere in between, it's kind of a very set dynamic but also a (relatively short) period of time

theDL 2 hours ago | 1 point[-]

True. Either way, this game isn't as appealing to me as a game with a generic "spies" theme would. Maybe it's because I'm looking for a certain level of escapism when I play a game.

Courageous Bob 2 hours ago | 1 point[-]

That makes sense, especially if you have a solid grounding in history. I could see how that could take you out of it.

3MBG 2 days ago | 2 points[-]

I know some people think i only shill Garphill stuff because we are both Kiwis. It does help that their games are pretty damned good as well :) 

philryuh Supporter43 hours ago | 1 point[-]

Sure does :) I wonder if Viscounts will make it to next year's. I have a feeling it won't but maybe??

I also love highlighting people in the industry and want to reach out to people in the regions we don't hear from as much. I should see if anyone from Garphill Games is available. Or do you happen to have time for a written interview? haha

I also want to see if there's anyone from Asia I can talk with, especially someone who has insight in that side of the industry (I'm from South Korea).

3MBG 39 hours ago | 2 points[-]

Calvin? He's Malaysian Chinese and writes for BG Prices, so should be a pretty easy person to ring in. 

I can do a written interview, and get additional answers from Sam or Shem at Garphill, and perhaps a few others as well. We also have Jarratt Grey in town, who's the designer of Endeavor. Another hit euro game

philryuh Supporter9 hours ago | 1 point[-]

Thanks for the suggestions! :)

Will reach out to them. And I'll send over the questions likely within the next 2-3 weeks!

Courageous Bob 2 days ago | 2 points[-]

Thanks for posting this, I appreciate the analysis, always interesting to see what is driving interest in  (and presumably sales of) games

philryuh Supporter43 hours ago | 1 point[-]

Glad you enjoyed taking a look at it :)

theDL 2 days ago | 2 points[-]

On #Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar, I know that that one and #Paladins of the West Kingdom we're both Deals of the Day over at GameNerdz recently, so that may have something to do with it.

philryuh Supporter43 hours ago | 1 point[-]

Ah you're right, I'll add that bit on the explanation. I wanted to include it in the list still to highlight all of the Garphill Games. $31 was such a great price for that game o_ o

Tzolk'in I had no idea since I didn't see it promoted on BGP's twitter. That's another one on my wishlist so it's good that I didn't see it lol

theDL 42 hours ago | 1 point[-]

Lol. Those GameNerdz deals sell out super quick too, so you've got to be on top of it. There was one for #War Chest recently, which is at basically the top of my list, but I didn't pull the trigger because I spent my personal spending for the month already, haha.

nealkfrank 47 hours ago | 1 point[-]

Ahhhh I could see that being a contributing factor!

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