Dixit is under $10 at Amazon, Walmart


This very popular game with great looking art is the cheapest ever, defenitely worth $10 if you havent played. I guess they want to pump up the sales of their expansions after hooking up some new fans :)

Dixit at Amazon (BGA link)

Dixit at Walmart (BG Prices Link)

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Partner19 months ago

The boardgameprices.com page has the Walmart link, if you're thinking of buying at Walmart:


Supporter19 months ago

Thanks, edited the post :)

Partner19 months ago

Thank you :)

Supporter19 months ago

Walmart also has the quick small variant of Ticket to Ride. Ticket to Ride: New York (amazon is sold out)

Ticket to Ride: New York at Walmart - $9.59

Supporter19 months ago

Have you played that one? How do you like it compared to "normal TTR?" 

Supporter19 months ago

For me it is too short and too small :D I like to build the long train rails :)

Supporter19 months ago

Makes sense to me. I felt like that is how it would feel to me after I watched it. 

4 months ago

https://www.boardgameprices.com/prices/dixit there is no link for walmart

Do they offer any kind of discount for Walmart employees?

19 months ago

That's an awesome price. Most games are worth $10; Dixit especially so! 

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