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Thoughts on Hansa Teutonica? - Big Box Edition worth it?


Hi! I've been trying to decide if the new Big Box edition of Hansa Teutonica could be a good addition to our "family" collection. I know the theme is super dry but, If the gameplay is good, I'm fine with that. I like Eurogames but don't like multiplayer solitaire games, i love player interaction and the feeling of actually playing with more people. I've seen the reviews and I'm super interested... I just would love the feedback and comments from those who already have the original one or those who have been playing it all this years. Is the new Big Box edition worth it?


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48 days ago

I havent played it a huge amount but its definately a good solid game. Given the low price of the big box it might be worth picking it up, you could probably sell it in the future if you dont like it for most of what you paid


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