Played once, so far

I helped a friend who is a CSI geek, but not one for board games, play through this (the PnP version 5.0) yesterday. A bit confusing, and we made some errors in following the rules. We did, however, manage to clean everything in the Easy mode just before our time ran out.  Cool! We managed to win.

Then, just for education, we started into Part 2, police investigation/scoring. It turns out we LOST, with negative points, because you start out with a -10 scoring deficit on Easy, so you have to leave ten minutes early just to break even.

Still, it was fun. The choices during your turn are very limited, and there is a penalty for not using the cleaning resources that turn... I will have to play more to see how to work with that.

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11 months ago

Glad you had fun! I am sure you'll get it next time 😊

Supporter11 months ago

Sounds really interesting! Thanks for sharing. 

11 months ago

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