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Christmas Plans.


Curious what your plans are for Christmas.

Here in El Salvador, we don't really do much with Christmas trees, and that sort of thing. But, what we do have is fireworks, all night long from now all the way to New Years.... This makes it hard for me to sleep, so, I am thinking I might have some time to do some early morning gameing.... We will see. 

I think we are keeping our Christmas pretty lowkey. I don't think that it will give me a lot opportunity to game with others. But, I am hoping to get to do some solo gaming in this week. How about you? Do you have gaming plans for Christmas?

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23 days ago

Well, merry Christmas from the self-proclamed 'Christmas tree capitol of the world'-Estacada, Oregon, USA! I live amidst millions of Christmas trees.

We have two close friends over on Christmas eve for fondue, reading of the Christmas story in Luke 2, and open up one gift-pajamas. (Something we started when our son was very little and outgrew his pajamas every year.) Our exchange students (three years in a row, now) have really enjoyed that.  Christmas day, we stay in our new pajamas all day, have a breakfast strata (my family's tradition since I was a kid) after opening gifts, then have a nice rib roast for dinner.

Our exchange student this year has asked us when do the fireworks come (he's from Germany) and was a little disappointed that he wouldn't be able to light some fireworks.

And although we received a few games for Christmas, playing them most likely won't happen until late-January or even February. We'll be gone for a week, then return home on the 31st and start to wrap up our clients' bookkeeping for 2020 in order to get send them to the accountants by the end of the month.  January is always really busy for us.

Supporter23 days ago

Gift Pajamas, I love that tradition. 

28 days ago

This year is low-key for sure. Normally, I'd meet up with some family (and I try to get my sibling to play board games with me), but we have a stay-at-home order this year. We are not meeting up this year, which is unfortunate because I was really looking forward to giving them their presents. 
I'll just be spending it with my immediate family. We'll have a celebration meal of sorts. 

I would hate to have constant fireworks all night long for a whole week! How does anybody get sleep?! Granted, I've slept through a fire drill before...
Sorry that you have to go through that. Hope it'll be less painful this year, and that you enjoy your morning gaming!

Supporter28 days ago

Yep, I don't like the fireworks.... But you do get used to it.

Supporter28 days ago

Have fun with your immediate family! Maybe we will look back on this time and appreciate all the time we got to spend together. 

29 days ago

The eason will be very lowkey, mostly just immediate family and such! We will do some drive-by gift drop offs for people in my family too to stay safe. Got a lot of at-risk people in my extended family. 

Maybe try and get some #The Quacks of Quedlinburg in or something! I also asked for #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion so hopefully will get some of that played with Melanie. 

My favorite thing brewing for the holiday break is my gaming group is planning a #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) LARP night lol. Everything Middle-eastern from the food to Hookah. It is going to be so great lol. 

Supporter28 days ago

Wow your game group sounds incredible. Hope you guys have lots of fun. 

28 days ago

We have our moments lol. Some of them really love to set the mood even with just music often so this will be an amplification of that!

Supporter28 days ago

Oh man, that LARP night  sounds so great. I wish I could do that. I hope you will break the atmosphere just enough to take some pictures for the rest of us.

28 days ago

I am sure there will be some pictures taken lol. I am hoping it gets on the calendar here soon!

Supporter29 days ago

Wow. Fireworks the entire time? My wife would go absolutely crazy. I'm all for celebrating but wow. 

Supporter29 days ago

It is absolutely awful. I love Salvadorans. They are the friendliest and most warm hearted people around. But, I hate the Latin culture of fireworks over the holidays. I don't even really enjoy the 4th of July back home, but at least that is only one night. I admit, I get pretty upset when I am trying to sleep they are going off on all sides of me. At least I live in the "country" it is a lot worse in city centers.

We have a service, and a supper together on the 24th. It is deeply deeply ironic to be singing Silent night in the following manner, "Noche de paz, (Boom, Boom, Boom), Noche de amor (Boom, Boom)"

Supporter29 days ago

Lol! I can imagine. You are simply singing and wishing for the time when a silent night comes back. 

Supporter29 days ago

Christmas will be quite a bit different this year, but in some ways it'll be quite the same. 

We will still go see my Mom and sister on Christmas Eve but we will wear masks and try to stay in family groups as much as possible. Probably won't stay as long as we would on a normal year.

Typically on Christmas Eve we spend quite a while at church - my wife and I are both musicians in the instrumental group. This means that we play for two of the services and have a great time doing so. Of course that won't be happening this year so we will be able to watch the livestream of church instead. From home. That will feel really different. 

Our Christmas Day plans haven't changed at all. We usually stay home as just a family and enjoy the day. Open gifts in the morning after reading the Christmas story. Stay in our pajamas all day long. Eat fun appetizers for lunch. Watch a movie in the afternoon. 

Christmas Day is also my middle daughters birthday. She was born 10 weeks premature so her birthday being Christmas was a total surprise and made that day incredibly scary 7 years ago. She'll be 7 this year and is a totally normal kid now but mom and dad have to deal with those memories every year. But it gets easier every year. To celebrate her birthday we spend some time in the afternoon hanging birthday decorations and opening birthday presents (with birthday wrapping paper of course). We also get her a birthday cake to make sure she doesn't miss out on that experience. Typically my wife's parents will come over to help celebrate. They've been part of our childcare bubble this year so I'm sure they'll still come over to help celebrate birthday. 

I took vacation from 12/24 through 1/1 so I should have plenty of time to relax and play games.

In gaming plans my good friend isn't traveling home to Rochester so I won't be able to play#Star Wars: Rebellion with him. Instead I've been prepping my good friend from my game group so we should be able to spend an evening playing at some point. 

Im definitely planning on playing#On Mars and#Leaving Earth as well as#Pipeline and#Race for the Galaxy: The Gathering Storm. I'll do my best to post reviews of all these games. 

28 days ago

Oh man praise God for your daughter's life!  Glad you guys make it special for her.  I know Christmas birthdays can be hard for the kids. 

I had that same experience on Easter this year being out of church and not serving.  I'm in kids ministry and normally we are prepping so much for that day doing skits and costumesa and everything but this year I watched it at home on TV.  Such a weird experience.  For Christmas at least we are still doing outdoor services so its at least sort of normal! 

Supporter28 days ago

She asked for a Pokémon cake this year! Very excited about that. 

28 days ago

Neat! Been playing Pokemon Go or just the card game? 

I've gotten way more into cake-making lately.  My oldest likes baking with me.  The weirdest cake I've made so far is a toilet one for her potty-trained mini-celebration we had.  But she's still in the "asking for weird things for dessert" phase.  Like strawberry cake but with orange frosting and chocolate chips kind of strange haha. 

Supporter28 days ago

Lol that's awesome. Actually she's been playing Pokémon shield! She's not terrible at it. 

27 days ago

Cool!  I know next to nothing about video games.  If my kids are going to have an education in that it'll be up to my husband haha. 

Supporter27 days ago

Did you play any of the old Pokémon games on GameBoy?

27 days ago

No, when I was growing up my mom thought video games were bad for you so we never played any.  First video game console in our house was the Wii haha.  We did play some computer games though. I have good memories of playing Rogue Squadron and the podracing game with my sister growing up.

Supporter27 days ago

Who is your favorite Star Wars character?

27 days ago

From the books: Tenel Ka.  The Young Jedi Knights series was one I read early on in my discovery of the world of SW and I always liked her.  Runner ups would be Mara Jade and Jaina Solo. 

From the movies: This is harder.  My default would be to say R2-D2 because who doesn't love R2?  Currently of course its Baby Yoda.  I like Wedge a lot if we're going crossover from the books and the movies.

Who's yours?

Supporter27 days ago

Ahsoka. Followed closely by Hera and Obi-Wan. 

27 days ago

Man.  Ahsoka's journey from "why does Anakin even have a padawan anyway?" to where she is now in like every series outside of the movies has been just amazing. 

Hera I appreciate so much more as a parent haha. 

I was going to mention Obi-Wan too because I just love his portrayal by Ewan in the prequels.  Beyond stoked that he's coming back.  Less sure about having Hayden around, not because I hated his Anakin or anything, but because from their meeting in ANH it seems like he hasn't seen Obi-Wan in the whole intervening period between trilogies so if they end up having this whole saga between RotS and ANH I will be disappointed.  I was hoping for more "space western on Tatooine" kind of thing. 

Supporter27 days ago

I firmly believe that anything with Anakin/Hayden will be part of a flashback. I can't imagine they'd mess up the storyline from Episode 4. Although to be fair Vader does say "you shouldn't have come back" which might imply a prior meeting. But if they wanted Vader in the series I don't think they'd need Hayden. 

Yes as a parent it's so satisfying watching Ahsoka's growth. Her story is amazing. 

26 days ago

Yeah I was thinking more of the "A presence I've not felt since..." line.  To me that implies he hasn't run into him recently.  I don't think they need Hayden either really.  I think James Earl Jones' voice is way more important.  And if they do a lot of taking off his helmet then that ruins the whole effect of the end of RotJ.  But I guess its nice to have them work together again. 

Supporter29 days ago

Wow, that does sound like a stressful experience. My son was born in a very stressful way right over thanksgiving. And, every thanksgiving day I relive some of the stresses of that thanksgiving dayin 2016.

Supporter29 days ago

Yeah. It was a very tough time. But look how strong we all are now! All I need to do when I feel like that is just look at her smile and I feel so much better. She's especially cute right now!

23 days ago

What a beautiful smile! Thanks for sharing. I'm grateful for even small miracles amidst life's tragedies.