Weekly Challenge #7 Wishlists

Here is what is currently on my wishlist:  In no particular order

#Unlock! Star Wars

Love the Unlock series and add Star Wars to it...amazing

#Architects of the West Kingdom: Age of Artisans

Looks like a great addition to the orginal game.  Have any of you rplayed it?  Worth it?

#We're Doomed!

This just seems like a super fun party game with a great theme.  The world is coming to an end! We must act now to survive!!! Players are the most powerful leaders in the world working alongside up to nine others to build a starship. Time is short! The goal? Build and be on a starship that escapes a dying world — or betray everyone to ensure your own survival. No seats on the starship are guaranteed. 

#Nevada City

Two Western Themed games that look like they would be a ton of fun.


This is a French game that is not on a lot of peoples radar, although Tom Vassel just did a review of it and loved it. https://www.dicetower.com/game-video/nidavellir-review-tom-vasel It's not out on the US yet...but should be by 2021.  If I was ranking them this would be near the top.

Exit: The Game – The Cemetery of the Knight (2020)
Exit: The Game – The Enchanted Forest (2020)

Have played all the exit games...will play all the new exit games...lol

#Tawantinsuyu: The Inca Empire

#Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun

The Two new Turczi games...both look interesting and both use cool new mechanics...Tekhenu is the one I think I'm more excited about.  Need to learn more.


Love the concept of this game.  Flea market seller with stuff from the 50's to the 80s.  it's just a simple card game but the art and the theme makes it seem like it will be a lot of fun.

#Tikal (1999)

A Classic - Would have bought it already but looking for the Super Meeple version with the upgraded components or a new released version from another publisher.

The Game: Quick & Easy (2020)

This is an even faster version of The Game.  I like that aspect of it.  A little thinkiy but over quick enough that you want to play again and are not burned out.

#The Lord of the Rings

Another classic from Knizia.  Just recently re released,  Heard a lot of good things about it and love Lord of the Rings so pretty much a no brainer.

#The Princess Bride Adventure Book Game
This is coming out soon.  Being able to play the chatracters from the Princess Bride in a story book mode sounds amazing.  If this is even slightly good I will love it.  Huge fan.  (also near the top of my list - even though its at the bottom)


So, what do you think?  Anything you like?  Anything you think will be a total bomb?  Have you played any?  Would you reccommend any?



Rich (Lupi)

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3 months ago

I've actually been reading up on Coloma recently as well! Looks like a good one.

Supporter3 months ago

Lord of the Rings is one I really want. 

Supporter3 months ago

We just receive two Exit games from Thames & Kosmos for making content! :)

I'm looking forward to it since I've never played. Also, I often check out a game if it's from Turczi

2 months ago

We enjoy the Exit series.  To me it is the most puzzly of the escape room style games.  You also learn, as you play them, how to approach each game.  Each system, Unlock, Exit, Deckscape, Escape Room, all have their little tricks you start to pick up as you play more.  I will say that the Exit system has been pretty diverse across the whole series, findiing all new and creative ways to make us find the answers.  If there is one knock against the series it's that sometimes the physical manipulation of items is a little wonky.  If you get stuck, don't be afraid to take a hint...right down to the acutal answer, as sometimes things don't work as well as I feel they should...probab;y something to do with keeping the cost down on a 1 shot box.

Don't be afraid to think outside the box...or even in it!

Hope you enjoy!


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