Top 10 “Games I have watched a Full Playthrough on Youtube for but have never played in real life” Games

I am a serial Youtube playthrough watcher. I mostly do this so I can learn how to play games and discern if they will be a good fit for me! I also do this because I love systems, I love learning about how different things function and are intertwined so it is very satisfying for me. Often times, watching games leads to me learning a couple things: I WANT THIS GAME, I would like to play that but now own it, I would never find anyone who would want to play this with me, or there is no chance I will ever get into this.

I have a lot of games I have learned about through Youtube, but here are my favorite of those games that I have not had an opportunity to play yet (or have them arrive yet...I am looking at you #Too Many Bones and #Pax Pamir (Second Edition)). These are in order of my desire to eventually play or own! I also included where I have watched play throughs for each game.

10. #Pipeline - When I first watched this, I liked it, but did not love it. It is pulling a Pax Pamir on me though where I keep hearing that people just love it and gush over the simplicity and complexity of the game (I love those simply complex games). I have been reinvigorated to try this out. (video watched: Heavy Cardboard, podcast episode: Heavy Cardboard)

9. #Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun - This is the newest game to this list, I just finished up watching a teach and playthrough for this game and it is interesting! It is teetering on the "I am not sure who will play this with me" realm, but I liked the mechanics. Really neat take on dice drafting and an interesting point salad. (video watched: Heavy Cardboard, podcast episode: Game Brain Podcast)

8. #Hansa Teutonica - This game is in my future, but not because I will buy it. My friend has been looking to buy this for over a year and the big box is almost out. It reminds me of a shorter and quicker Gaia Project and that is really appealing! (video watched: Heavy Cardboard)

7. #Irish Gauge - Love the bidding mechanic here. It is a fairly simple set of rules and it is a nice little hour-ish game. This falls into that simple yet complex game category. The only thing holding me back on this is I am not wild about the randomness of how dividends are payed out and I think I would probably rather play #The Estates right now if I were to play a bidding heavy game that is on the lighter side. (video watched: Heavy Cardboard)

6. #El Grande - The are control genre was soured for me when #Blood Rage did not land with me super well. It felt like a really bloated game that could have been made into a cheaper and faster rendition of itself. El Grande though is a way more interesting game to me. The different abilities being laid out each round and you have to decide if you want to go early now or later to get the cards you want. I like the tug of war aspect of it and I can see it working with my group. (video watched: Heavy Cardboard)

5. #Lisboa, #Vinhos Deluxe (essentially all Vital Lacerda Games) - This is king of my "I am not sure I would have any one to play with" category. All of his games are so interesting to me, but are so far on the heavy and complex side that it would be a chore to teach and play. Is the juice worth the squeeze? I would like to hope and think it would be but it is hard to justify the price on these. (video watched: Heavy Cardboard, Slickerdrips)

4. #Nemo's War (Second Edition) - The only thing hold me back on this is I am not sure how I fully feel about solely solo game. I love the theme, I love nautical themed anything (I am near the beach, I swim a lot and I am a scuba diver). This game is just so interesting for a lot of reasons, I will get it eventually, it is just a matter of when it is at the top of my wishlist. (video watched: Heavy Cardboard, Gaming Rules)

3. #Le Havre - This is the king of being on my wishlist for so long without being purchased. I have nothing bad to say about this game, I love everything about it. The solo play is interesting, the multiplayer is a challenge and I love the different puzzles you have to work through. The biggest plus for me is the build up in complexity. Just such an excellent entry point (spoiler for another list I am working on) (video watched: Heavy Cardboard (all three of their streams), Tom Vasel)

2. #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion - This game is here following the trend of finding games that my wife will totally dig. She is a total nerd at heart. Grew up playing FFVII and Kingdom Hearts, still loves all of the RPG games and Zelda. Character development, loot, leveling up and story telling are her jam, along with cooperative play (she does not love being mean to me). This will be purchased soon after we finish #Aeon's End: Legacy. (video watched: Heavy Cardboard, Board Game Atlas!!!)

1. #Age of Steam - This game man...I would love to own this game and dive into this world. There are so many maps that play soooo differently and I love that. I love the combination of bidding, tile laying, pick up and deliver, and just cutthroat goodness. One day I will own this, I have seen almost all of the playthroughs on Heavy Cardboards channel...which is kind of embarassing but it my comfort zone!(video watched: Heavy Cardboard, podcast episode: Game Brain Podcast)


Thanks for taking the time to read through this! What are some games that you have spent so much time researching and watching some playthroughs, but have just not gotten around to purchasing or are waiting on a friend to purchase so you can play it??

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Owner8 months ago

Love this idea and I used to do this a lot in the beginning of this year xD

Not much recently though and I'm glad because then I'd have a much longer wishlist. The only game that falls in this category for me is #Keyflower because I ended up getting all of the other games after watching the playthrough and being sure of it lol

And boy, I loved playing through FF7&9, Kingdom Hearts games, and other RPG's in the past.

8 months ago

I have done this pretty consistently for the last year to year and a half. I thought it would die down but I just shift my focus to different types of games lol. I feel like I have more experience than I actually do because of it though!

Hahahaha that is funny, just confirming what you thought you already knew!

I tried out FF7 about 4 years ago when I was just dating my wife. It was her favorite game so I thought I would give it a shot. I did not enjoy it much...unfortunately. I also watched her play KH3 recently...not a fan. I like RPG's just on the meatier side, like Dark Souls and I really like Skyrim when it first came out! 

Premium User8 months ago

Haha, I love it. Train games, man, so intimidating.

For me I don't tend to watch a ton of playthroughs unless I'm really interested in the game but not quite sure about it. I do watch a LOT of reviews, though. One of those has been Terraforming Mars. I watched quite a few reviews about it, but was really unsure about how much my wife would enjoy it, and I hated (and still hate) the art. Luckily a friend just got it, and I have now played it once, so I guess it wouldn't count for this list.

Another would be Res Arcana. It's one of those "I think I'd like this but I don't know who else would" games, haha.

8 months ago

It depends on the train game! 18xx is beyond me at this point, there is so much there with the stocks and route building and game state evaluating...Age of Steam and Irish Guage and much more approachable to me. Much more structured in how they play and less confusion on the mechanics. 

What was your thoughts on your first TM playthrough, aside from the art. 

I have heard Res Arcana is fairly approachable? would it be the theme that deters your group?

Premium User8 months ago

Yeah Age of Steam and IG do look a bit more approachable, so that's nice.

TM was really fun! I used a beginner corporation and won. I think the beginner corps are OP, haha, but next time I won't use one. I look forward to my next play of it, whenever that may be. My friend was considering going in for the big box, I wonder if he actually did. I'll have to ask him when I see him this weekend.

For #Res Arcana, I guess I'm mostly thinking of my wife. My friends would probably be down, but of course it's harder to set up games with people you don't live with, and I also don't want to become the group that just plays every game once, haha. The theme is kinda meh to me (the art is great though), and I'm guessing she'd feel the same way. I'm not sure she'll enjoy how "tight" the game reportedly is, but I don't know.

8 months ago

I have tried to get into an 18xx game, watched teaches and playthroughs and it just feels very inaccessible...

That makes sense, the standard corps definitely make it so you should focus on one resources and go from there. I am curious to see your expereinces moving forward!

I totally get that! Gotta show all your games some love!

Premium User8 months ago

Yeah man, and now my friends are starting to buy more games, so I probably should slow down even more, haha

8 months ago

That is slightly the best though. I was about to buy Keyflower, Root, Le Havre, and even Wavelength (still might get this one) and some friends expressed their intent to buy those. Saved me money!

Premium User8 months ago

Oh that's awesome! Yeah I had a friend buy #Root a while back, which, to be fair, I was not going to buy, but really wanted to try out, and another buy #Terraforming Mars as I mentioned, and still another friend buy #Onitama, which I've since tried and enjoyed, and #Paladins of the West Kingdom, which I have not yet tried but would really like to try. Pretty nice! There's also #Mystic Market, which I hadn't heard of, but my friend is super excited about, so why not!

8 months ago

What a beautiful thing! I am a big fan of that!

Supporter8 months ago

This is such a fun list idea.  Thanks for sharing.  I also love watching Playthroughs although usually when I watch one a game is pretty high up on my list already.  I think #Tapestry sticks out as a game I watched a few playthroughs of to find out I wasn't going to pick it up.

8 months ago

That is why you do it! It has been really helpful, I probably would have way more regrets if I did not take this approach!

Supporter8 months ago

This is a great list idea.

I'm so happy you were able to get TMB. I assume you will be giving us a report about it sometime. 

8 months ago

Thanks! I am pumped about it! I will definitely get some first impressions and reviews going when it comes in! There will be a lot of content to get through!

Supporter8 months ago

I am excited to read about your impressions.

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