December Additions: Copyright Infringement Edition

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Inspired by 's post, I decided to make my own December additions post. Ever since covid hit, this year has been a wild one as far as acquiring new games for me. It's that whole not having a group to play new games with thing..or so I tell myself. December in particular so far has been a doozy because my birthday is the 9th and of course Christmas. I had previously mentioned in a comment that I had 18 new games, but I totally forgot to include 4 expansions..oops...

Anyway without further ado..

Birthday Gifts:

#Fantastic Factories - Already mentioned this one as a game was generous enough to gift me. Still haven't played it outside of that one sad solo game where I lost on easy. Hope to get this played soon with Sarah.

#Dinosaur Island - Sarah gave this to me as a completely out of left field gift. We played once and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I think she could too if we gave it another go. For a first play after a full day of work for her it was a bit lengthy, but she's willing to try again in the future.

#Splendor - A friend of mine in my meetup group dropped this off the night of my birthday. To say it was a complete surprise would be an understatement. I introduced him to this one and he's won everytime we've played so he said I need more practice LOL.

#Arkham Horror: The Card Game - Speaking of surprises, my brother and his wife got me this for my birthday. I have no earthly idea how they came to decide on it but I'm pretty excited to give it a try.

#Nemo's War (Second Edition) - After reading 's review and knowing my mom had not yet gotten me a birthday gift, I decided to tell her to get me Nemo's War lol. I've only played once and got absolutely destroyed. I'm positive I made rules errors (as is my norm for new games), I'm going to watch a playthrough before I try it again. So far I do like it!

Christmas Gifts:

Okay so calling all of these "Christmas gifts" is a bit of a stretch...

#Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game - Season One and #Mystic Vale: Vale of the Wild Expansion - These were my BGG Secret Santa gifts that I mean I GUESS you could call Christmas gifts. Not my fault I'm a little crazy and sent mine out to my target in November....

#Secret Hitler and #Orléans: Trade & Intrigue - My brother (same one who got me Arkham Horror) also got Sarah and I a gift card for Christmas (and some gifts that have yet to arrive..basically putting our gift giving to shame). After appeasing Sarah and getting a safe for important documents, I took it upon myself to spend the rest of the gift card on these two. Haven't played either yet but man am I excited.

#Detective Club and #The Quacks of Quedlinburg - Speaking of gift cards, I got some random ones for Christmas that of course I spent on even more games. Of these two, we've only played Quacks so far. I really wanted to get Detective Club to the table on Christmas but we never got around to it. We're having one more holiday get together pretty soon so there's still hope.

#That's Pretty Clever - My group had an impromptu Secret Santa exchange and of course I had to participate. I got this game and a much needed dice tray, which came in handy for Nemo's War. Played this once and really like it so far.

#Innovation - Sarah got me this for Christmas. Unlike Dinosaur Island, I asked for it. Not sure when it will get played as you see we have so many games to play.. First world problems.

Other Random Acquisitions:

#Sonora and #Sushi Go! - These were Cyber Monday pickups that arrived in December. We played Sonora once so far and it's a little over complicated for what it does I think. Sushi Go we've played before, haven't played it since picking it up ourselves, but Sarah really wanted it for a future Sushi/Asian themed game night because I bought her a sushi maker..adding it to #Chinatown I guess?

#Poetry For Neanderthals - is probably tired of hearing about how he convinced me to pick this one up. We played again on Christmas with Sarah's family and outside of wanting to beat each other with the no stick, it didn't go over as well as it did with my side of the family. I keep trying to explain to people that you can speak in complete sentences, but it seems it's a difficult concept. The best part was my father in law trying to space out all words in single syllables. "Tur..tles.." LOL

#Freedom: The Underground Railroad, #Cockroach Poker, and #The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game - A guy in my group sent out a message on our Discord that he was trying to giveaway a bunch of games to make some room in his house (sounds familiar). Of course I had to take him up on the offer! I really think Sarah will like the theme of Freedom as it hits close to home for her. put me onto Dresden Files so I couldn't pass up an opportunity to pick that up. And finally Cockroach Poker just sounds like silly fun. Haven't played any of these yet but hope to very soon. Depending on how much we like them, I'll likely just part with them myself...

#Calimala and #Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium - To that last point, I recently discovered the amazing BoardGameCo thanks largely to . I knew about them before but never had enough games to make a trade..or I guess enough of a desire to get rid of games lol. I made a trade with them for these two, sending out #Lost Cities, #Tiny Towns (with the #Tiny Towns: FLGS and Larkstone Promo Cards), #Word on the Street, #Illusion, #Azul, and #Patchwork. Didn't make the biggest of dents in terms of shelf space, but I'm already proposing another trade to them. Stay tuned!

(Not pictured) #Wingspan: Oceania Expansion - I preordered this in early December and it's set to arrive by Wednesday. I'm sure we'll forget we have any of these other games and play this as soon as it shows up!

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Supporter9 months ago

Lol. I love the not so subtle dig in the title. 

Can you explain to me how boardgame co works? I have a few games I would be willing to trade away. 

Premium User9 months ago

Of course! It's surprisingly really easy. I just went on their site and clicked on "propose a trade." They ask for your BGG username to synch your collection, specifically your wishlist, wants, and for trade items, and matches it to games they are looking for or have available. They assign values to the games that I've seen range from 3 for Mancala to 242 for a copy of Bruges. As long as the value of what you're giving up is even with what you're asking for in return, I'd imagine they'd be okay with it.

There's a button to propose the trade which triggers a geek mail sent to you stating someone is reviewing it. My trade review process took less than a day. I then got an official trade proposal which I accepted and they sent me some instructions for shipping and asked for the box dimensions and weight of the package(s) I was sending so I could get a discount on shipping. I ended up sending a 15x14x13 12 pound box for a little less than $13. The whole process took I wanna say a week?

I have seen that unless you're shipping games with values of 150 or higher, they won't accept the trade. That being said, I think mine was around 128 and they accepted no problem. In the past, I did try and make a smaller trade with them through BGG (not their website) and they declined.

Hope that helps!

8 months ago

I'm just going to continue our conversation here because even on the desktop the reply box was getting too ridiculously tiny.  So you don't have to look it up, you said:

"Right now I'm on the lookout for lighter games that can be played with 5. Playing with my cousins recently has made me want to continue to introduce them to stuff so we don't get burnt out on #Wingspan"

#The Climbers is an interesting one and makes for a cool time playing with blocks. You can also play #Secret Hitler at 5p! haha  I also very much like #Steampunk Rally.  It scales very well because of the simultaneous play.  I feel like its a little bit more involved than Wingspan, but its one of those games that you can have fun playing even though you're not winning. 

Premium User8 months ago

Of those I think Steampunk Rally might least from what I remember of it.Guess I'll have to watch another video lol. I just watched The Climbers and I think while it seems like it could be fun...I don't know if I'd necessarily have fun haha. And Secret Hitler at 5 I think would depend on how many are on each team. Are there 3 liberals?

8 months ago

Climbers is very different than most of the other stuff you play.  We've played it a few times, and usually people enjoy it because its something different.  Its easy to introduce to non-gamers.  I can see it overstaying its welcome, but it hasn't hit the table in a while so that hasn't happened yet. 

Yep!  At 5p its 3 liberals, 1 Hitler, and 1 fascist and they both know each other.  Its definitely better at higher player counts but it still fun at 5.  Games go a little faster because there aren't so many people to yell at each other haha. 

Premium User8 months ago

Maybe I could give it a shot then..I was thinking about picking up the #The Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Herb Witches expansion to make that play more too..

Honestly I have enough games to play with them I'm just being greedy lol

8 months ago

more more more!  Does the expansion to Quacks make it playable with more people? 

Premium User8 months ago

Yeah unless I'm reading something wrong I believe it opens it up to 5.

Also you're such an enabler lol. I'm still stuck on 2 games on my GameNerdz hold from the gift card I won need to rush haha

8 months ago

I love the hold function at OLGS.  It also makes it worse because previously I wouldn't buy things because I was like ehhh its just one game and then I'd have to pay $X for shipping and I don't want to do that.  Now I just put it on hold haha.  I confine myself to a couple stores only though so I don't have random things on hold everywhere. 

Premium User8 months ago

Yeah it's REAL bad for me..particuarly with GameNerdz having the daily deals. Seems like every day I'm researching a random game I hadn't previously heard of just because it's on a discount lol

8 months ago

Oooh yeah I don't check the daily deals.  Don't remind me haha. 

Premium User8 months ago

It's sad I know what time it changes every day...

8 months ago

Lol yeah that is sad. Means you have visited that page way too much haha

I just visited BGA's home page for the first time in like, ever and I noticed they significantly improved their clearance section and now I really want to buy a bunch of new games...

Premium User8 months ago

Hey that knowledge got me #Brass: Birmingham today!

I checked that out too after I read this..

#CO₂: Second Chance caught my eye but not much else

8 months ago

ooooh yeah Brass is a worthy grab for sure. 

CO2 looked interesting but my friends have it and its so heavy I probably wouldn't end up playing with anyone else anyway.

I was eyeing #Innovation and #Flick 'em Up!

Premium User8 months ago

I bought it so fast despite knowing next to nothing about it lol. I figured it would go quick and worst case if I hate it I thought it would be easy enough to flip.

I feel the same with CO2. And I own innovation and Flick en up already so I'm safe there LOL

8 months ago

Yeah for sure.  I really liked it when I played it but I think about 30% of the fun was playing with those poker chips.  Kinda like the eggs in Wingspan.

I've played innovation before but don't own it.  I was thinking Flick'em might be a good gift.  Do you like Flick'em up?

Premium User7 months ago

It was fun the couple times we've played. I'm good with getting rid of it, but Sarah vetoed that decision I'm thinking primarily because I had her go pick it up for me when I bought it semi locally lol.

7 months ago

Haha that would be incentive to keep it to show you appreciate her efforts.  I know dexterity games aren't really up our alley exactly, but some people I know enjoy them. 

Premium User7 months ago

Hahaha yeah..she had to go way out of her way to get it for sure.

I'd like to get some more but the last time I tried to pitch one to her she said "that sounds like Flick em Up." <eye roll>

Really we haven't played it enough to give a good assessment of it. Definitely brings out the cowboy/girl in you though.

8 months ago

I just noticed that there are 21 new games/expansions in those photos that you acquired this month alone.  Your shelf space is going to be gone real fast at this rate haha

Premium User8 months ago

22 if you include the#Wingspan: Oceania Expansion I got in the mail a few days after I posted this. Then of course with#Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization that showed up before December ended put me at 23.

Probably should have sprung for the bigger BoxThrone...

8 months ago

Definitely.  Always go for more space if possible haha.

9 months ago

Have you started reading the books for Dresden Files yet?  Because there might be spoilers in the decks! 

And guess what, I also received #Dinosaur Island for Christmas!  It actually was the only game I got (that someone else bought me).  I think since I have way more games than everyone else people generally don't buy me games because they don't know if I already have it. 

Premium User9 months ago

I have not..much like with games, I have way too many books that need to be read lol. I'm not even sure if I would mind the spoilers though because even if I do start to read the series I doubt I'd ever get through all of them lol.

Awesome you got Dinosaur Island!! Who got it for you? Speaking to your last point, my brother struck again! We were supposed to have Christmas presents from him when we had our family get together earlier this month, but with the mail being the way it's been, they were lost in transit. He wound up reordering them and we just got it last night..

They got me#Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization. I texted him to thank him of course but mentioned how I now have 100 games and it's really interesting that he managed to grab me 2 I would definitely try that I don't have lol

9 months ago

Do it! Totally worth bumping up to the top of your to-read list.  They are fast reads.  I lost much sleep to that series haha. 

My sister bought it for me.  She had played it at a friend's place and mentioned it to me and I told her that I had heard of it but never played so that's probably why she felt safe buying it for me haha.  If people were interested in buying me games, I'd be happy to send them a link to my collection on BGG so they can see what I don't have lol.  I don't keep that thing up to date anymore though.  

And whoa Through the Ages is a classic for sure.  I haven't ever had the chance to play it myself.

Premium User9 months ago

I'll see how fast I get through this current book I'm reading lol.

That's cool! I'm still totally fine with just sending people a link to a game to get me. That way they don't have to guess what I would like or don't have. Not keeping BGG up to date is totally understandable..unless of course you ever are my secret Santa target. In that case I'd have to bug you to make sure it's updated lol. That happened this year with my BGG target. He wound up changing his owned list and wishlist like 5 times. So frustrating...

I'm excited to play but it will definitely have to be a weekend where Sarah and I are both off and ready to invest that much time into a game. It looks to be the heaviest game we have which is terrifying lol. 

9 months ago

I would but do that but no one ever asks me!  My family likes presents to be a surprise. 

My sister's only played once so I probably can't count on her to teach me.  Why is it terrifying?  Just more opportunities for stretching your brain!  haha

Premium User9 months ago

My father in law mentioned on Christmas finding a game he called Sarah to ask if I'd like and she told him yes but he didn't end up getting it for whatever reason. Part of me was like wow I want to know what ya'll think I'd like but at the same time I thought good I don't like surprise games haha.

It's not an overly complicated game to teach so there may be hope haha. And I guess that's true but TTA seems overwhelming