Top Five Board Game Game Boxes


Some board games are simply better than others when it comes to the quality of the box and the stock storage solution. In fact, many of my most favorite games have absolutely terrible inserts and box size and quality. Here are my top five games with the best box and stock storage solution:

5.#Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure

The box size for Clank is spot on. The box is big enough to leave a little wiggle room but not oversized. The insert is functional and allows you to sort the different cards that you need into easy to use cubbies. That said, it still could be a little better as the plastic of the insert seems flimsy and some of the compartments seem to be smaller or bigger than I'd like. Still a good box and insert overall.


Like all Stonemeier games, Scythe has fantastic components and the box is no exception. Sturdy and well-made and beautiful to boot. This quality extends to the insert. There is a plastic tray for the leaders and all the mechs. Keeps everything safe, but doesn't make set up too much easier. As you start to add in expansion content you quickly run out of space. I had to toss most of the plastic trays and switch to a bag system - which has the side benefit of greatly increasing setup time - but at least the game box is big enough to allow room for the expansion content.

3.#Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game

Similar to Clank, the box for this game is of an OK quality but the included insert is incredibly functional. The plastic is sturdy and the compartments are perfectly sized to help you sort the cards before each game to increase organization and ease of setup. The box also has tons of room for expansions. 


Everdell is an amazing production from top to bottom. The plastic insert is functional and everything fits in perfectly. The box is sturdy and beautiful. Overall just a really satisfying box to open up and use.

1.#Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North

By far the best game I own for stock storage solution and box size. The box is roomy enough to provide just a bit of wiggle room. The box itself is sturdy and the graphic design is clear and it stands out on the shelf. But the best part of this package is the Game Trayz insert. Absolutely perfect design for this game - they not only increase organization but also improve gameplay and speed of setup and take down. The tray for resources lifts out and becomes part of the play area. The insert has plenty of room for expansion content as well. Overall a great game box. 

What is your favorite game box and insert?

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10 months ago

I haven't played any of these so can't comment but I do love the box for #Burgle Bros. not only as big as is needed to fit the game but it is designed to look like the building you are burgling whcih is nifty. We always stand it up and put our meeples on the heli-pad as each one escapes for some extra theme-y goodness.

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