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Obsession: Best Scores?

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I just wrapped up a second solo playthrough of #Obsession.  I won the first against an intermediate opponent scoring 126 (with Ponsonby).  I decide to use an expert opponent for the second game (using Asquith).  On my second game I score a whopping (at least to me) 220 points!  AI 134.

I am enjoying the solo variant and hope to add the #Upstairs, Downstairs: an Obsession Expansion at some point but haven't been playing with that.  Couple of questions for those who have played with the base game:

1. What do your general scores look like?

2. Have you added the AI scoring the Monuments?

3. If you have the expansion, how much does it change the solo variant?

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Owner38 hours ago

I haven't played the solo varient by my wife got a score of 208 on her second play up from 158 her first time (I didn't do nearly as well as her either time, haha). It's such a great game that has so much opportunity for optimization!

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