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Just wanted to say thanks! And also give some updates


First off, I just wanted to thank every one of you for your support. It's already been 2 years and phewwww, you all made it so much easier to go through! We're looking forward to what's to come in 2021 and I hope that you'll enjoy all of the new things we have in store. Lastly, it's been one weird 2020 and I hope you're all doing okay, especially those who've been having a hard time with periods of social isolation.

Along with the pre-emptive Happy New Year! I wanted to share a couple of things you can expect to see in the upcoming weeks:

  • House cleanup - There's been recent issues raised around where we get our data. I addressed some of the misunderstandings and our mistakes within that thread and and I cleared out any possible sources of questionable material. We also consulted a lawyer so that we're clear on everything. Thanks for being patient and understanding throughout all of this. Trent also launched the "Bounty List" so that we can encourage everyone to fill in the missing info on game pages
  • Speed Improvement - Our website is too slow! There are times when it's decent but it can feel like looking at that sloth from Zooptopia. Trent's working on speeding things up so you should notice the difference in the next couple of days
  • Fixing BGG Import - Trent has tried fixing this several times but syncing this 100% has been problematic. He's honing in on the issues and will get it worked out
  • UX/UI Improvement - We'll be continuing to work on visual updates on all of our main pages so that everything feels cohesive. Along with this, we're working on making the site more intuitive and simple to use and easy to access info you want. We're mostly working through lots of great feedback we got from a reddit thread filled with former BGP users who found BGA lacking as a replacement
  • Price Features - In addition to sorting out bugs related to international prices, we'll be working on the Deals page. It currently feels like a page full of mediocre games. We'll likely add additional sections such as "daily deals/price drops" or "lowest in the last 6 months" so that you won't miss out on great games on sale just because it doesn't fall under one of the categories (clearance, under $20, historically lowest price)
  • Finding Upcoming Kickstarter Games - There's a page on Kickstarter that features upcoming games. We'll be adding a section on our Kickstarter page to highlight these games. I'd also like to include some sort of a voting system so that we can our community's most anticipated games
  • Forum Threaded Discussion - Some of our threaded discussions go so long that it gets hard to read. We'll be working on a solution for this. Addressing the need for game specific threads likely won't come until our community has grown much bigger
  • Review Page - We'll be working on the review section for the game page. That page is severely outdated and here are some things I'd like to see: all user-based metrics (score, rank, strategy complexity rating, rule learning complexity, some of the other metrics you all have suggested, being able to mark a user review as "helpful" so that you can sort by helpfulness, highlighting top most liked review content shared on the forum, list of awards, etc)

There are more that we'll be working on but I wanted to highlight the main ones we're focusing on for the upcoming 1-2 months! Hope you'll like the change and let us know in the comments which of these you're looking forward to the most. And feel free to suggest other items you'd love to see.

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Supporter26 days ago

Excellent. I am happy to see all this news. I was so sorry for the unpleasantness that happened on that forum post. I want to thank you for your reasoned and considerate responses on that post.

Cheers for a bright new year for BGA.

Owner25 days ago

Thanks Chris! And yes, let's make this an even more fun place to talk in 2021! :)

Premium User26 days ago

Loving this site and all the positive changes that have been made just in my short time in the community. Keep up the great work guys!

Owner25 days ago

Thanks! There are so many things we have to go through to make the place even better lol. I guess we should be thankful that we don't feel like we've hit a wall and can't do anything more

Premium User26 days ago

You guys are doing great!  Keep up the good work.  I think you responded to the controversy very well and based on what I'm seeing here and over at BGG the matter appears to be done with.

Owner25 days ago

Thank you to you and everyone who gave balanced feedback on that thread! It was tough because even on BGG, Trent's account got blocked(?) and his comments removed before he could even address everyone's questions. Glad that things didn't escalate further without giving us a chance to reply.

Supporter26 days ago

Ironically the original posters where super active on christmas eve, christmas but now that the matter is being addressed, non of the original posters have said anything. Not too surprising I guess.

Premium User26 days ago

There is a type of person who loves to raise complaints and controversy but will not defend the points they raise or give due consideration to other points of view. They will not give credit when it is due to “the other side” for doing the right thing even when it meets their demands and they will never ever admit when they made a mistake. 

We had two prime examples of that show up here.  They complained broadly and verbosely.  Ignored any counterpoints, and when the right thing was done they left.   They don’t want to be responsible for what they say, they just want everyone else to listen to them and do what they want.  

Once I recognize someone is like that I have learned to simply ignore them.  It’s a waste of time and effort to try to talk to them and no effort on their part to just ignore everything you say and repeat the same point over and over.  

On the other hand we also had people who were willing to listen and consider points of view and those people I have all the time in the world for even if we don’t achieve full agreement.

Supporter25 days ago

Very well said.

Supporter25 days ago

Right after this, they double down with insults. I am so done with that thread (specifically with the hostile posters), truly full on trolls. 

Premium User25 days ago

I saw it and was actually laughing at it.  So predictable: give them a chance to reconcile a bit and they double down on the hate because they don't actually want to come to an agreement. 

They want the world to bend to their will precisely in the way they want it with no compromise.  If they don't get 100% that they will kick, scream, and swear like a little child.  And you can see that played out here.

Supporter25 days ago

Amen, I posted one comment on that thread, and then washed my hands of it. The hostility displayed by members of this friendly hobby was truly appalling.

26 days ago

  • I won't pretend to know all of the legality and whatnot regarding the data on this site, but I'm glad to see that you guys are doing your due diligence to make sure things are on the up and up. 
  • Excited for more speed! I have noticed the site acting slow from time to time. It's not too bad though. Faster is always better, though!
  • Of all these, I think I'll be most excited about the updated reviews page! That sounds awesome, and sounds like it could provide some really cool info once there's enough data.

Keep up the good work, guys!

Owner25 days ago

Talking to the lawyer has helped immensely. It was a very short talk but knowing that we were pretty much good in our assumptions has made it much easier to keep going with confidence :D

I'm most looking forward to the review page too. Hopefully it pushes me to go back and rate/review all of my games lol


24 days ago

Yeah, I can imagine that could be pretty daunting without an expert opinion: just like 'oh dear, did we mess up?'. Glad you got that reassurance :)

17 days ago

You guys do a great job updating the site and staying on top of things. I like BGA and BGG and use both. I felt the whole issue got a little out of hand, but I though you both handled it well. Love the site and the community here. Keep up the great work. 

Partner23 days ago

This is a great update.  Board Game Atlas is a daily fix for me -- well it slowed down a bit during the holiday of course -- so I am curious to see the improvements. 

23 days ago

This is a handful of great things coming!  I think you all are doing a fantastic job with this site and the community is very friendly. I read most of the post that lead to the house cleanup and I was quite surprised by the feelings espoused by the user who posted it-they didn't seem to fit with everything I've experienced so far here. I though you all handled it calmly and professionaly, and you have a ton of support from the rest of us.

I look forward to what's to come, all while continuing to log my in-person plays (my 2021 goal), makeing new friends, and learning more about games and fellow users.

Happy New Year!

25 days ago

Thanks for all the hard work and the great place to host a community.  Happy New year all.



Owner25 days ago

Happy New Year! Thanks for the support and you'll are great :)

25 days ago

I saw that post very briefly, but I'm glad I saw some very level-headed responses. I'm glad to hear you guys are handling it well. Definitely nice to see an overview of what you guys are aware of and working on! 

Owner25 days ago

Right? It's tough when those kind of situations come up but it was great to hear everyone's feedback (at least from those who actually gave feedback). I'm sure it didn't feel good for many others on the forum either, so I'm glad we can move forward from it now.

Hope we can smash through this list within the upcoming 1-2 months so that I can pile even more on top of Trent's list :-)

26 days ago

Glad to see the improvements, thanks!

The thing that has been frustrating me lately is play logging.  I've been doing it through the menu item.  When I select a game, the list of options never works for me.  I'm assuming its my owned list in a random order (added order?).  I've been playing a lot of games that I don't own lately (usually online but pre-pandemic it would be friends' copies).  It'd be nice if it  took into account recently played games.  That would save me a lot of searching, making it easier to get back to gaming from having logged a play.