5 games to build my collection into a more all around quiver.


Games I currently have:

Settlers of Catan + 5-6 Player Extension

Ultamite Werewolf Deluxe Edition 

The Resistance + Hidden Agenda Expansion

100's of MTG Cards (Mostly EDH Format)

Family Business 


Captain Sonar

I would love to get some more 3-8 player games that are cooperative or possibly quite long in time, maybe Eldritch Horror or games like it. 


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17 months ago

Also if you look at @philryuh recent post, there are a number of co op games potentially coming out this year!

Supporter17 months ago

Thank you I will!

Supporter17 months ago

Yeah games relating to the table working together even if that's only part of it. I love games where you and someone else may be on different sides but still work together against other players until the end of the game. 

Any amount of time is fine. I'm ok with 30 minutes or 4 hours. In relation to time, I play D&D and Coup so I'm all ears! Thanks 

Owner17 months ago

I haven't played many co-op games but have heard these to be good ones (they're both 4 players max though and are quite a bit more difficult to learn than some of the games you've mentioned):

  • #Pandemic - Pandemic or any of the iterations (I liked #Pandemic: Iberia) are solid co-ops and is the inspiration behind may co-ops today.
  • #Spirit Island - You and the other players take on the role of powerful Spirits that have to drive off the would-be colonists invading the island. Each spirit has vastly different powers you need to take advantage of. Tough to learn and takes quite a long playtime but I've heard nothing but good things.
  • #Robinson Crusoe Adventures on the Cursed Island - Another solid co-op that's difficult to learn and hard to beat, but very satisfying gameplay with great storytelling elements. 

I'm way more familiar with these games (I either own, played, or looked thoroughly into these games):

  • #Concordia - If you like the resource management and building settlement side of Catan, and if you like some deck-building in your games, then I think you'll really like this one.
  • #Viticulture: Essential Edition (with #Tuscany: Essential Edition expansion if you end up liking the base game) - A highly thematic game about wine-making where players manage a limited number of workers and compete to produce the best wine and fulfill orders all the while increasing the prestige of their winery.
  • #Champions of Midgard - I second this one. You play the role of viking champions visiting a town surrounded by monsters and sea creatures. You use your workers to earn food and money to hire more helping hands to go battle the monsters for the sake of glory. One of the most prevalent decision-making in this game is to see how far you should push your luck when going into battle--should you play it safe and assign all of your soldiers to battle a single monster? or spread them thin to defeat more monsters but risk losing most of them in combat?

Hope you'll find some games that will work well for you out of everyone's suggestions. And great to have you here!

Supporter17 months ago

Thanks very much! I really am grateful for all the recommendations.

I think since #Concordia continues to come up I will have to look into it and see. Spirit Island and Robinson Cursoe sounds really fun and I like the aspect of them being slightly more difficult to understand because I Love detail heavy games, even though I don't own many myself.. I'll look into them! Thanks 

Supporter17 months ago

If you want detail heavy.... 

#Star Trek: Frontiers or #Mage Knight are super heavy detail heavy games. They are the basically the same game with different themes. I haven't played mk but I have and love frontiers. I really don't recommend them, they are sick a bear to learn. But they are a lot of fun in my mind. 

17 months ago

Supporter17 months ago

Thanks! I sadly only just discovered Quacks tonight, but looks so fun! And I love KoT so that is going to be a future buy as well. 

Is the Arkham Card game a smaller version of the full game or are they similar? 

17 months ago

Yeah Quacks is great! For KoT you could probably find it on OfferUp or Facebook Marketplace for cheap. I found mine for $10 😬

But I actually don’t know anything about the full size AH, but I’m assuming things are condensed a ton. AHtCG is an LCG so you can construct your own deck. It’s also cheaper which is nice, but that means less campaign/story content (I would assume). Either way it’s a good game!

Supporter17 months ago

Oh no way $10! Nice grab. That's more of an insentive 😄.

Thanks for the input on AHtCG, I think that'll do just fine. I may go into the full game but it's hard to find a crew outside of my D&D party who will play a three to four hour game. Thanks!

17 months ago

Of course!

and yeah, the card game is way easier setup and should only take about an hour👍🏻

Supporter17 months ago

I feel like I am not sure how to answer your question well. But, keeping that in mind... 

#scythe is my favorite board game of all time. Right out of the box it plays superbly from 1-5 players. It is on of the heaviest games on this list, but it is so so smooth there is no problem in learning it. 

#Dominion: Second Edition is the deckbuilder that started it all. In my mind it is still the definitive deckbuilder that should be in most collections. It is just so much fun and so fast. 

#Carcassonne is another oldie but a goodie. What I particularly like any this game is how much it can varíe from group to group. There are groups that play this in a semi-cooperative way. There are others for whome this game is a knife fight in a phone booth. And both forms of play work so well. 

I haven't played it, but if you are looking for a good long game for higher player counts check out #Twilight Imperium 4th Edition.

You need a good engine builder. Try #Wingspan, #Gizmos, or something along those lines. 

Supporter17 months ago

I forgot to put out that I have Dominion 😅 but great choice! 

I've heard real good things about Carcassonne so I will most likely get that. 

Your favorite board game of all time? That's what I'm talking about! I for sure will look into some videos on it. What do you mean by heavy? 

Supporter17 months ago

There is another boardgame site out there called boardgame geek, BGG for short. On that site users are given a opportunity to rate their games on a number of factors. One of those factors is weight. By weight they mean complexity. But, they do not clarify whether they mean rules complexity or complexity that emerges in gameplay. So, of course this means different things to different people. How do you rate chess, or go? Both of which have extremely simple rulesets but are extremely difficult to play well because of inherent emergent complexity. Is chess, or go, more complicated than a game with a 80 page rulebook but fairly straightforward gameplay? 

Anyway, the BGG weight rating is on a 1-5 scale. The way the games you have stack up are as follows. 

Dominion: 2.25

Catan: 2.33

Ultimate Werewolf : 1.4

The resistance : 1.62. With the expansion of goes up to 1.92.

Family Business: 1.32

Coup 1.42

Captain sonar : 2.13

Scythe, which I mentioned clock's in at 3.38.

These sorts of numbers can be very helpful. If course one must remember that that are extremely subjective, because people have a harder or or easier job getting into a game, it might be learning style, or because something in the mechanics just is not clicking. But, as you get deeper in the hobby you will find yourself finding your sweet spot on the rating scale. 

Also add you get deeper in the hobby you will find a regrettable underbelly of those who look down at those that play games that are lighter than what they like to play. If you do run into one of these people, ignore him/her. Remember, this hobby is about fun and relating with people. What you want to do is find what works for you in this regard. 

Supporter17 months ago

Here is some more discussion about game weight. https://www.boardgameatlas.com/forum/e3zos5XsWL/bgg-weight-rating-

Supporter17 months ago

If we are talking about favorites of all time you need to look no further than #Star Wars: Rebellion. This is amazing and takes quite a while to play. But it’s sooo good. 

Supporter17 months ago

Is it like a game of Risk? I've heard of this but haven't done much research. 

Supporter17 months ago

Perhaps from a 10,000ft view it’s a little bit like Risk. But it’s much more involved and far far superior. 

Supporter17 months ago

Yeah that's what I've heard and Star Wars? That's great. 

So basically a game of conquering and buildings troops? 

Supporter17 months ago

So, about Scythe..... I see that you got a avatar. That picture is one of the characters in a scythe expansion. If you like the artwork you will be interested in the game. 

Fortunately it doesn't depend on artwork for its credentials. The gameplay is super strong. 

The basic theme and setting is as follows. You are the leader of one of 5 (7 with a expansion) clans in a alternative history Europe after their version of ww1. You are basically trying to lead your people to a better and brighter future in a place that doesn't encourage hope. You and your people are sick and tired of war, as is everybody at the table. And, you are busy deploying gigantic steam-powered mechs across the board to discourage other people from attacking you, and, maybe also, liberate some supplies from your foes. But, fighting is very very costly so you have to weigh carefully whether a given fight is worth it. You are also busy extracting oil, mining, farming, and encouraging your workers to start rebuilding the population. 

Some people don't feel like the theme comes out. I feel like it does a decent job communicating the theme through gameplay as well as art. 

Anyway, it is good. Check it out. 

Supporter17 months ago

Wow thank you so much for all the research and details! It really helps my decisions and learning about all of this. 

I'm definitely going to try and get a game of scythe in soon if I can find someone with it, otherwise I may just buy it myself ☺️. 

Supporter17 months ago


Watch this video first if you can. 

Supporter17 months ago

Perfect thanks

Supporter17 months ago

So you want suggestions for 5 more games, eh?

1. Champions of Midgard - dice-worker Placement game. Highly respected and recommended. Fills the worker placement spot in your collection. 

2. Pandemic - co-op disease destroying game. Fills the co-op slot in your collection. 

3. Star Wars: Outer Rim - thematic Star Wars game about bounty hunting and surviving in the titular Outer Rim. 

4. Wingspan - engine building and all around beloved game. Looks beautiful to boot.  

5. Clank! - thematic deck-building game about stealing treasure from a dragon. Super fun and a great intro to deck-building. 

Have fun!

Supporter17 months ago

Oh I love the Star Wars recommendation! I'll look into some videos for that for sure. 

Pandemic is a good one, not super my speed but I will definitely play it! 

Clank! I think may be my choice on here though. Sounds very rewarding and cooperative! Thanks!!

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