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Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game Review | Board Game Quest

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2 months ago

No Pun Included suuuper didn't like it :/

Partner2 months ago

That doesn't surprise me. NPI pretty much hates big minis games from Kickstrater. I have no idea why they even agreed to review it. Everyone has types of games they enjoy and that they don't. I don't have any interest in really heavy euros, so I pass off those reviews to others on my team. :)

My tastes also greatly diverge from NPI, so I don't watch their stuff anymore. So it's important to find reviewers whose taste match your own if you want to see if a game is for you. 

2 months ago

Yeah. Such a bummer considering how cool the video game is

Premium User2 months ago

Looks very interesting and I would play it if I happened to obtain it.  I wouldn't chase after it though as I enjoy the PS4 game just fine and would rather pay $70 for the PS5 version when it arrives than play the boardgame.  That might make me a boardgame sinner...oh well.

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