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What would be a theme or setting or concept for a game that you've not seen before but that you would love to see?

One I've toyed around with in my head is playing a group of politically who are dealing with a disaster/crisis of some kind but also trying to get one over on their rivals. I think it could make for some interesting semi-coop action where you need the group to succeed but one other player to specifically end up looking bad (but this would be kept secret). And obviously there is someone else trying to undermine you at the same time.

What would be a theme you'd want to see made?


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41 days ago

I was listening to a Star Wars podcast (Star Wars Minute) on the way to work this morning, and they were talking about how Rose in TLJ should have a video game of just her tasing everyone trying to get into an escape pod. I'd love to see that as a board game as well haha

41 days ago

Ha, excellent, could be a little solo game

Premium User41 days ago

I love Star Wars Minute! I'm way behind you though lol

41 days ago

It's so good! I really think everyone should listen to this season to gain a better appreciation of The Last Jedi. Doesn't mean they have to like it, but it's certainly been eye opening for me. And good times. Always good times. What season are you on?

Premium User41 days ago

I wasn't aware they had seasons, but I'm near the end of Return of the Jedi

41 days ago

Well, "seasons" meaning which episode they're covering. They're all so good, but I really loved ther prequel episodes. Definitely helped address some of the issues in a pretty funny way. 

Premium User41 days ago

Lol, I am looking forward to getting to the prequel episodes. "Sorry Pete" lol. My podcast listening has dropped off dramatically since we all started working from home, unfortunately. Same for audiobooks.

42 days ago

"One I've toyed around with in my head is playing a group of politically who are dealing with a disaster/crisis of some kind but also trying to get one over on their rivals."

Sounds a little too close to home in some ways right now, but I agree that it does sound like an intriguing game premise.

41 days ago

Haha, I do see what you mean. In my vision of it it has often been in the face of a Godzilla like attack or something of the sort. 

41 days ago

Becoming a successful rock band in a 1980s Sunset Strip (Los Angeles, USA) setting; during the heyday of hair metal.

41 days ago

I would love a good game set in The Witcher universe. Also, one about The Foundation, and the robots and all that. Of course, more games about Discworld. Finally, I would really love a game set on old Lucasfilm graphic adventures.

Supporter39 days ago

witcher and the foundation settings both sound amazing. I think there's a #The Witcher game but I haven't look too much into it.

Supporter41 days ago

This is hard for me because for overall theme there are so many out there.  I do know I'd love to grab a SciFi themed game at some point since I love SciFi novels...

I'm trying to think of this more from an IP perspective... I think the Foundation series could make a cool IP (notice a theme of my theme there, haha).

I think I'd really like to see some kind of game with a rebellion aspect where you need to work to sow discontent (not the same way as Root).  Maybe a game that encourages spending VP to gain influence throughout the map.  Not really sure how this would play out multiplayer.  Maybe one person in charge and others working against them... thought typing it out it remind me a bit of how I think #Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile will work.

The Irish Historian in my would love to see a game themed around the Easter Rising of 1916 but I think that could be pretty straight forward and hard to have high levels of replayability.

Owner41 days ago

I was trying to think of a theme that would get my wife's interest, and I'd say boba (bubble tea) making is one of them. Games like that are out there, but they're usually simpler games. I'd LOVE it if some of the usual "trading in the mediterranean/farming/etc" medium weight euro games where you typically trade things like wheat/cloth/animal/spice/mlik/etc had a theme that's more suitable for the modern crowd.

Premium User41 days ago

i want to see more themes within themes. Like playing pirates in the Star Wars universe. Or gambling in a fantasy setting.

41 days ago

Nice, #Star Wars: Outer Rim tried to do that kind of thing, although personally (and I know plenty of people on here who disagree) it missed the mark a little for me.

Premium User42 days ago

That description reminds me of #Pericles: The Peloponnesian Wars which I have bought but which hasn't arrived yet.  The Spartans and Athenians have two internal factions (player or bot run) which want to get more honour than the other player in their faction but must also win the war against the other side working with the player.  

For that game it's a well defined semi-coop.  The potential issues come up with games where it is not well defined.  For example #Archipelago did not work for my gaming group because players have to sacrifice to keep the game going and they don't get nearly enough for it.  So generally the games just weren't fun for us.  

I like the idea but special care needs to be taken to make sure that players are motivated to both solve the problem as well as win the infighting. 

41 days ago

Ah, I adore #Archipelago for that kind of dynamic. Where you have to force the other players to pay you to solve the crisis, or you use it as leverage later. And because the game is mostly about trading/negotiating you can punish those that don't pull their weight.

I like the sound of the Greek game though, when will it arrive?

Premium User41 days ago

For us it didn't work because the group wasn't really in to it. 

The game arrives next week. It has a pretty hefty learning curve but the bots are supposed to be decent. Will be a while before I get it to the table with real player although TTS has a mod for it so we might try it there.