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New Feature! International Country Price Setting


This has been wayyy to long coming but there's now a new dropdown selection in the pricing area of the game pages! You can select the country you want and it'll just show the prices for that country! It's only applying to the individual game pages for the moment while I build out the infrastructure to capture all the same information I am for US like current lowest price, historical price changes, etc. But at least it's a start!

I'm also going to be spending time reaching out to retailers all over the world to build out the system and resources for more countries. Right now we mainly support US and Canada. We've got 1 store from the UK but that's pretty bad at the moment.

Those of you outside of the US, please take a look at the feature and give me your feedback!

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46 days ago

This is great! I think that we were able to see stock and price on Boardgameprices, but now it does not appear on most games.

Owner46 days ago

I'll get that in soon. Thanks for letting me know.

46 days ago

Yay! GIF - Yay GIFs

46 days ago

Glad to see you were able to do this quickly Trent, thanks for the update.

Supporter46 days ago

This is great. I think this will become only more and more necessary as your base continues to grow.

47 days ago

Awesome thanks so much trent!

Owner47 days ago

You're welcome! I'm going to start reaching out to more stores as well to get them listed (more US ones as well as international). Are there any you buy from that aren't on our site?

46 days ago

I refer to this list for Canadian stores.

They have every single one listed from the looks of it but the ones on the site currently seem to cover the best ones. 

Premium User47 days ago

This is a great new feature! Me and my Secret Santas I know but...if you could get this system built out even more come next year (I have no doubts of that) I may finally be able to stop selecting "will ship to US only" for my exchanges! I'd love to be able to get some International users games for Christmas but I never know where to start.

47 days ago

Love to see this! Hopefully you can get it built out for many other countries soon :)

...the people I can remember that live in one of those two countries

46 days ago

Yes! I'm so happy about this. I'm supposed to be on a social media hiatus but I had to comment on this... I've been really excited to see a UK prices feature rolled out.

And now back to lurking in the shadows...

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46 days ago

Haha, I mean it has been pretty gloomy in the UK recently

46 days ago

Lol goodbye for now!

46 days ago

46 days ago


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