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#Heaven & Ale - You move any number of spaces around the main board and generally select a monk or ingredient to add to your playermat.  The left side of the playermat is the "light" side and you pay twice the value of the selected resource (from 2-10 'ducets') and place that resource.  The right side of the map is the "dark" side and you pay the value of the resource and place it. The Dard side of the playermat will generate money when triggers and the light side will improve the quality of your ingredients when triggers.  The choice the player makes deciding what to pay and which side of the playermat to place the ingredient/monk is one of my favorite among all my games.

#Gloomhaven - Each turn players select two cards in their hand to use.  They will use the top action on one and the bottom action on the other.  The vast array of situations this creates in the game is challenging to create clear context for, but I will try.  Sometimes you end up using the top/bottom actions you choose and it works perfectly and you crit for a phenomenal round.  Other times another player does something you didn't expect or the AI draws a card that makes you flip the top/bottom actions you thought you'd use. other times you are forced into a basic move, basic attack and can't use your abilities.  I am still amazed at how well balanced this game is and the dynamic the top/bottom choice creates.

#Anachrony - There is a one off action in this game (often taken late in the game) called an "escape" action.  You only get to use it once and if the capitol collapses before you take your escape action you miss out.  I like this actions in Anachrony because you can take it anytime after the impact tile is flipped and because of the variable points a faction can obtain and because each factions action is somewhat assymetrical.  The action gives each faction a 'directive' or goal to aim for if the player chooses, but I like that you don't have to take it and can win other ways as well.  

#Spirit Island - The 'mechanic' I like in this game has to do with how the game operates. When you play a card there are symbols on every card.  Some cards have one some have several symbols.  Spirits have 'powers' that are inate is certain symbols are present after all cards are played.  However, a symbol can only be used for once, never shared for multiple powers. The innate abilities are extra actions players get to take inaddition to teh cards they play (1-3) that make the spirit's turn more powerful.  There is a certain satisfaction from playin a turn and having each spirit not only play their cards but also trigger multple innate actiosn through the symbols.  Sometimes you can feel like the invaders are about to win and suddenly have a rounds that works with such sweetness you are able to collectively wipe out most or in some cases ALL the invaders.

#Viticulture: Essential Edition - The Grande worker.  If you are familiar with worker placement and an action space being taken up by another worker with no recourse once taken then the value of a Grande Worker is fantastic - being able to have one worker that you can place on any space even if the actions spaces are full.  I've seen this copied in other games (Tiny Epic Dinosaurs).  I love worker placement games and the Grande worker makes these games better! 


What are your favorite mechanics/actions in a game and why?


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Great list!  I actually like the Rooster placement part of Viticuture the most in that game.

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#Dune has so many mechanisms and actions that I think are really awesome, most of them revolving around the different faction abilities. My favorite has to be the Bene Gesserit ability to steal the victory if they correctly predict the winner and the round in which the game will end.

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Great list of games.  I think you have definitely hit on the subtle, or not so subtle, differences between these games and other games of their kind. 

Premium User11 months ago

lol, yes that is a nice aspect of #Viticulture: Essential Edition

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