Railroad Ink Challenge - Upcoming Green and Yellow Versions from Board Game Publisher Horrible Guilds


The Italian publisher Horrible Guilds is continuing to crush it with every one of their releases. #Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition/#Railroad Ink: Blazing Red and #The King's Dilemma dazzled SU&SD (check out this article if you haven't yet) and now they're coming out with new iterations of Railroad Ink! It's definitely starting to give off that Pokemon on gameboy nostalgia now :)

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Partner19 months ago

I am going to be watching this one. Railroad Ink is one of the few roll n writes I enjoy and more interaction is definitely welcome.

19 months ago

Has anyone played Red? I love Blue but Red has not seen the table yet. Any thoughts on Red?

19 months ago

Seriously, the first thing I thought of was Pokemon when I read this haha Blue was the first I ever played, but my siblings both had Red, so I had the best trading options.

Oh yeah, not Pokemon...

19 months ago

Funny!  Not being a Pokémon collector I didn’t think of that reference. 

Owner19 months ago

I mentioned it in the title, but it's certainly a stretch haha. I wish it was as exciting of a news as it was for me back when I played Pokemon on the gameboy!

19 months ago

Not a stretch for me haha I thought it before I even read your comment about it :)  It was such a big part of my life that it would be almost a sin if I didn't think of it haha

Owner19 months ago

I never played the expansions of the original games so I'm not particularly jazzed, but just the fact that they're different colors is actually appealing, haha.

Owner19 months ago

I know right? Sure brings out the collector in us :D

It's not tempting for me since I know for sure my wife isn't interested in playing more of Railroak Ink. If she had been, oh boy I'm pretty sure I'd be getting all of them because I love it when she's really interested in a game.

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