10 more games to start a collection with - Comments edition - YouTube

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Supporter14 months ago

Good list of games!

Supporter14 months ago

I like this list pretty well. I really like your rant at the end. I do think that is something we sometimes lose sight of. That being said, I do think that the 9th or 10th game that somebody buys should be solidly Midweight. They can do a little bit of research and pick a game they think they might like, based on what they know. That game could be Scythe, or Castles of Burgandy, or Agricola, or..... But it is good to have something a little bit more complex in your collection just like it is good to have a party game in your collection. 

Premium User14 months ago

I think I'd go a different route if someone asked me to help them start a board game collection and they were new to gaming.  These aren't my top games but for starting a collection I'd recommend:

10. Azul & Splendor (different enough to recommend both and I think they stay in most collections)

8. Stone Age (a great intro to worker placement)

7. BANG! The Bullet (simple social deduction without too many details)...Betrayal at Baldur's Gate for a game that might stay in the collection longer or Secret Hitler)

6. Pandemic (great starting co-op)

5. Dominion (Deck building basics and one to build off of)

4. 7 Wonders (card drafting and slight civ building without too much complexity)

3. Ethnos (A little area control and a little card play combined but easy to learn and tends toward replayability)

2. Heaven & Ale (A euro game that's not too heavy to engage but has long-term playability)

1. Castles of Mad King Ludwig (Another good entry game that's simple to learn and has staying power in a collection)

There are of course other directions to go but the games I listed are games that have lasted in my collection for years and I don't feel are simply 'currently popular'.  If a more advanced gamer (one who played a lot but hadn't started a collection came asking what 10 to buy first I might go (1. Wingspan, Gloomhaven, Scythe, Robinson Crusoe, Terraforming Mars, Viticulture, Anachrony, Heaven & Ale, Tapestry, Castles of Mad King Ludwig)

Supporter14 months ago

I look forward to making my own list after I watch this. 

Supporter14 months ago

Looking forward to it! And we should probably make a new thread for it. 

Supporter14 months ago

Good idea 

14 months ago

I really like this list a lot!

14 months ago

not bad :)

Supporter14 months ago

I haven't made a list. But, I do think that your list is, generally speaking, a pretty good guide. Two things I would change are :

I would lose the social deduction part of the list. I find that they can be really fun, but I don't think they are one of the games you "should" start with. 

Stone age is hard to get. I would probably get architects of the west kingdom, or viticulture. 

Premium User14 months ago

Very good points! I forgot how much of a pain it was to get Stone age and while Viticulture is a bit more complex it fits the mid-range game of you're earlier point. As for the social deduction games, I am not as big a fan of these but have found some folks that love them. Perhaps that's one I'd gauge based on the personality of the person I recommended the game to.

Supporter14 months ago

Personalizing the list to the person is always a good idea. 

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