Han Solo...again.

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I enjoy the solo experience at times but honestly I prefer the group experience.  Since quarantine started I have been able to talk Becky into playing several new games and that worked for awhile.  Now school is starting back up and my wife will cease gaming vry often in lieu of her more personally relaxing ventures.  The kids will have less patience for games as well.  So for the next several weeks I'll be going through some boardgame withdrawal as group gamenights are not on the table yet (We live in Texas, so outdoor gaming is tough to plan in general).

I like to keep a game going on a table in my office so during down time and before and after work I can play against the machine (automa) and generally will go several games in a row.  Some games are certainly better than others for the solo experience ( #Paladins of the West Kingdom or #Wingspan) and others take a long time to set up and so I have to have the game going for several days to make it worthwhile ( #Gloomhaven#Anachrony,   etc).  

Amid various life dynamics, do you find you enjoy solo gaming equally all the time or are there times you really want more than a solo experience?

Which games do you find the most pleasing for a solo experience or which tend to mimic the experience of a multiplayer game?

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Supporter10 months ago

My excitement for solo gaming waxes and wanes also. I find that the busier I am at work, the less energy that I have for solo gaming. But I still definitely crave those deep experiences that only board gaming can provide. 

Supporter10 months ago

My enjoyement does ebb and flow somewhat. The more social interaction I have, the more satisying I find solo gameing, the less social interaction I have, the more I want it at the game table.

I do generally look for game that recreate a multiplayer experience, as in there is some sort of AI that you are fighting against.

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