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In or Out Party Game Overview

In or Out is a trivia-based party game from R&R Games where knowing what is not the right answer is as important as knowing what is....

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Supporter2 months ago

Huh... interesting

2 months ago

looks interesting, I guess. I dunno, I know it's a party game, but it has to have good artwork in order for me to like it

Premium User2 months ago

Seems like a fun game. I think with trivia based games, I'm a little put off by the lack of replayability. Of course, everytime my family plays one of the Jackbox Party Pack trivia games, my brother knows all the answers anyway lol

2 months ago

I tend to agree. Not only can trivia games wear out their welcome, it is difficult to play with players from different generations (especially kids). The person with the most life experience always has an advantage!

Premium User2 months ago

Or if you're like my brother and just know a bunch of useless information haha.

But I never thought of that perspective but it's absolutely true. We run into this problem sometimes playing Monikers with my future brother in law. He's only 15 and doesn't get some of the older references. Same way we aren't up on all his current dances lol

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