4 Upcoming Kickstarter Board Games – Monsters, Books and Volcanic Winter

Recently we’ve been focusing on games coming to Kickstarter in summer, but the later part of the year seems equally, if not even more, exciting. Today we’ll show you 3 games coming to KS in Fall 2020 and one coming… today.

Frostpunk – Fall 2020

The name of this game will likely ring a bell for many of you, especially if you’re into video games. It was released on PCs and consoles by the very same company which made This War of Mine. Frostpunk was set in an alternative XIX century. After certain natural disasters the world had entered a volcanic winter and there was a colossal change in climate. You played as a captain tasked with building a city around a “Heat Generation Tower”. The game was essentially a city building simulator with elements known from survival games.

The board game version is being developed by a true dream team including Adam Kwapiński, the lead designer of Nemesis and many other highly popular titles. Frostpunk is supposed to be highly challenging. Apart from strategy elements you’ll often have to make moral choices, to help your citizens who have their own problems and feelings. They will suffer from freezing, sickness and stress resulting from the entire situation. To make you emphasize with them even more, Frostpunk is quite heavy in the story department, which isn’t usually the case in games from city building genre. It’s also worth adding that the game is fully...


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Supporter8 months ago

Frostpunk looks so good!