Weekly challange #3: Tokaido, the app.


Firstly, a disclaimer, I have never played Tokaido, though I had a basic idea of what it was about. So, I will in no ways make comparisons between this app and the physical game. I don't know how close to each other they are, or anything like that.

I have had the app sitting in my "games" folder for a long time. But, I had not gotten to it, because, I really tend to not play many games in app form. But, in the interests of this challange, I did break it out and play it. The app is done by funforge, and is fairly good quality, as is typical for them.

My first impressions are as follows.

Overall presentation. (+) Overall the presentation is nice. The art is cute, the background music is ok. the animations are nice. But, I do feel like sometimes the animations are a little too long.

Tutorial (+/-) What there was of the tutorial was really nice. But, it felt like they did leave a some stuff out to present in the first game. I suppose this is ok. But, I really prefer to have a more complete tutorial.

Gameplay (+/-) The gameplay is fairly simple and downright pleasant. I can really see why this game is fairly popular. I might even buy the physical game at some point to play with non gamers or my wife. But, the game is just way to light for me to want to play by myself. I really think that this is a game I might like in physical form for it's light breeziness and as means to social interaction. But,  I don't know why I would ever play this solo, in app or physically.

Overall I think that many people would like this game. Though I found it too light to really interest me, I do think that it is still a very good game, and you would be well served to check it out.

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10 months ago

I had a very similar experince with this game, never played but the app was free at some point. Played it a few times but there wasn't much magic there without other people to talk to or agonise over what they might do. Still have it on my phone for a train journey but don't think it will come out often.

Supporter10 months ago

Yep, I got it for free as well. I am glad to have tried it. 

Premium User10 months ago

I actually got this out of my "app folder of shame" a couple months back as well. It's a nice, relaxing game, I might play it again on the app if I just wanted to vege out. I can see the appeal for the physical game. Nice components, simple rules, light strategy. It'd be a chill game to play with a couple people and just hang out.

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