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Has this weeks challenge changed your wishlist in any way?


This is the last day of the wishlist challenge. And, funnily enough, I think that this challenge brought me more change than the previous ones.

I was challenged by this post by . Ultimately I don't think it changed what I do as far as gaming is concerned. But, it has encouraged me to be more thoughtful with "wishlists" in other areas of my life.

 But in general this week did encourage me to make more effort to maintain my wishlist here on BGA. I have not done as much on that yet as I want to. But, I have started on it, and I have made quite a bit of progress. I have removed a number of games from my wishlist here on BGA. In addition to that, I have added a number of new games, which I have been wanting, but I hadn't dignified my desire with adding them to my wishlist.

I have also been forced to think about, and why I want the games that I want, what games I want to put on my wishlist, etc.... And, thinking about your collection, it's composition, and how you want to change it, is a fun excersise.

So, has this weeks challenge brought any change to the way you think about your wishlist or collection? Have you resolved to do anything different with your wishlist? Maybe you have resolved to do a better job maintaining your wishlist? Or maybe you have decided to ignore your wishlist entirely?

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Supporter4 months ago

My list was already pretty small.  I only have 7 games (and 1 expansion) on it.  I did drop #Undaunted: Normandy and added #Dune (which is kind of a reach game for me right now).

4 months ago

I think it caused me to actually look at my 'wishlist' and start consider putting one together properly as normally it is just a fairly nebulous group of games in my head

Supporter4 months ago

I'm right with you Chris. I expected this challenge to be a spot of fun and watch my list grow. But instead it really forced me to look in the mirror and think about why I'm wishing for games. I haven't made any physical changes to my wishlist but my frame of mind has shifted quite substantially.

Supporter4 months ago


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