Essential Board Game Expansions | Board Game Quest


The BGQ team gathers to list off their most essential board game expansions.

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Premium User3 months ago

I haven't yet played with any of the #Inis: Seasons of Inis Expansion modules yet, but I expect to be minimally using the 5th player next weekend!

To this list I'd add #King of Tokyo: Power Up. It gives players different powers and just takes the game to that next level.

Premium User3 months ago

That's the main thing that bugs me about the KoT promos. Even if I could get one of them, there's no power up cards.

Premium User3 months ago

Oh really? That's a bummer

Partner3 months ago

Neat list...made me ponder about what our household would view as essential:

I suppose one could argue that every deckbuilder is enchanced by expansions... have nearly everything for #Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game, #Aeon's End, and #Thunderstone Quest.

BGQ mentioned #7 Wonders: Leaders, but I would also throw in #7 Wonders: Cities.

#Abyss: Leviathan. Makes the two player game better by removing the threat track and adding the leviathans.

#Ghost Stories: White Moon Expansion. This adds another layer of risk/reward.

#Village Inn and #Village Port Expansion.

#Fleet: Arctic Bounty Expansion. Adds gone fishing cards and improves the two-player game.  

Premium User3 months ago

#Scythe: The Rise of Fenris is probably the best expansion I have ever seen for a board game. I can’t say too much but it adds a ton of stuff to the base game with a very cool campaign to boot. 

Now I suppose thought it is not essential like #Tuscany: Essential Edition as Scythe stands so well on its own. So perhaps it doesn’t make the list but it’s worth mentioning. :)