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Minor, but I noticed that the only direct link to view version history of a game is on the /edit page.  Would it be possible to add a link to /version-history on the main game page?  Sometimes I'm curious to see the history of what all edits have been done, but don't want to go into edit mode just to get there. 

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27 months ago

i think you can do that. but i would say there will be something goes wrong with the game when you play inside as the older version are likely to come with bugs and glitches. if you want to see the older version of the game, check it out on youtube, there are bunch of them, and if you want to dig deeper, there is an app in apknite to introduce the version of the game and the picure and video of the gameplay.

Owner27 months ago

I'll consider it. I don't think it's a big use case which is why it's hidden 1 click deeper than it needs to be since most people won't be visiting it often. There could be a cool way to display that info in a better way though.

27 months ago

Yeah, all in all minor use case.  It just felt extra 'hidden' by being on edit page.  Something to keep in your backpocket and ponder in the future. :-)