BGG ratings and stars


It seems that BGA imports BGG ratings so that:

[0-4[ ---> 1 star

[4-6[ ---> 2 stars

[6-8[ ---> 3 stars

[8-10[ --> 4 stars

10  -----> 5 stars


I don't mind a lot about 1 to 3 stars, but I am a bit upset about the 4 and 5 stars. For me, there is a very notable difference between a game I rate as 8 and a game I rate as 9.5, yet BGA translates both as 4 stars.

I do not know what was the reasoning for chosing stars over numeric ratings, or even why limit to 5 stars and not 10, but I just wanted to voice my disagreement with the current system.

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Premium User8 months ago

I might be in the minority but I like the 5 star system. Not sure about why the import did that to be honest because you would think 8+ would be a 5. 

Forme the 5 star system allows for easy rating and gives useful information.  Do you really need to know if something is 67 or 68?  No. It’s 4 stars.  The thing is, these ratings are all personal so a 4 star rating just tells me that you like it quite a bit which is all I can usefully know anyway.

I would suggest that a more granular rating system creates more work for rating and will create more debates over minutiae for little value.  

I would also suggest that a lot of times the granularity is used when different fields are not a available.  For example, some user on BGG rated thousands of games a 1 because he had no plans on buying them. Perhaps he just needed an “ignore” field?  Or perhaps we want to rank our games?  Instead of using the rating field why not just have a rank field in every list?

Anyway, that is my take on it. I’m open to changing my mind. Perhaps there is another option or two out there?

8 months ago

Yeah, I think this is something  just recently brought up here:

Looks like the change you want is coming already :D

8 months ago

That's great! I'm glad they're open to the changes.

8 months ago

This is interesting. I would argue that a 9 out of 10 rating would have to equate to 5 stars for me. Looking at the breakdown I feel quite a discrepency in the system. For example, I don't think I own very many games that I would only rate 3/5 stars, but nearly all of my games are rated 6-8 on BGG.

In general I think the 10 star rating is more effective than the 5 star rating due to nuances and variety in games.

Premium User8 months ago

Agreed. I know there's been a lot of talk about revamping the rating system and it seems either a 10 point scale or 100 point scale will be eventually implemented. Much needed change in my opinion

8 months ago

I could see either of those working.