Off the shelf of shame - Ticket to Ride: New York

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Well this one was on the "shelf of shame" for all of about a week - I picked it up locally recently for $5, and we got it to the table last night. Overall, it feels pretty much like ticket to ride - I think the only real difference from the original is the size of the map and the introduction of the "tourist attractions," which are just stations that give you an extra point for connecting to them.

Quick thoughts:

  • Map: The map I would say is ok - I didn't feel like it had a huge impact on strategy, but of course this was at 2 players and I've had only one play so far.
  • Theme: My wife likes the theme better than trains. I don't feel strongly either way. This theme, by the way, rather than trains, is New York taxis. I assumed it would be the NY subway, but I guess taxis make sense as well.
  • Components: pretty standard TTR components - the little taxis are fun, and the art on the board is nice
  • Size: this may become a staple for our coffee shop dates - it's a pretty small box, it sets up quickly, and it plays very quickly for 2 players. Probably 15 minutes tops after setup.

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10 months ago

I have played this once, I felt like it was much too short. Like 10-15 minutes...Did you experience that?

10 months ago

I have played the London one, which I think is a little similar. I have never been a huge fan of the ticket to ride series, I super appreciate it as a solid gate-way game. But there is always something I would rather play. I feel like the small map actually makes battling for certain stretches more competitive which takes away one of the nicest things about the original: that you could just play it quite mindlessly while chatting when you were all too tired for anything heavier.

Premium User10 months ago

Oh the original can get quite competitive too if you're all into it

10 months ago

I can imagine, I've mostly only played it on like a Sunday morning if we all go away for a weekend somewhere and we're all too sleepy to get into something competitive

Premium User10 months ago

Yeah it was about 15 minutes. It's great if you are wanting a quick game. If I want something more then I'll just pick something else haha.

10 months ago

Ya I feel that! I was shocked at how short it was when I played! Most games now are not that short. 

Premium User10 months ago

Yeah and I think it's fine as long as people know what they're getting into, haha

Owner10 months ago

I guess the challenge is working if it got you to take this out :)

Glad to hear that both of you enjoyed it enough to consider taking it out for your coffee shop dates.

Premium User10 months ago

Once we can actually go and sit in a coffee shop :/

10 months ago

Haha, one day!

Supporter10 months ago

The speed seems like it could be a nice factor. 

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