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Feature Update: You can now open up a comparison cart from a list!


I've been working on improvements based on the feedback we got from a bunch of users (thank you by the way) and now have a button on lists to open up a comparison cart with all the games on the lists!

I'm also adding in the price info to the table from every store we have listed so that'll be trickling in as I go today.

And if you haven't seen it yet, here's an example of the comparison feature:,TAAifFP590,yqR4PtpO8X 

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40 days ago

Really, really, nice!

40 days ago

Very nice - anyway to filter the Country of the stores?

Owner40 days ago

Not yet. But I'm working on more international support in the coming weeks.

40 days ago

Borderline love you mate! Let me know and I'll pay you a beer! Cheers!

40 days ago

This is pretty cool. 

41 days ago

Looking forward to using this, thanks!

Premium User41 days ago

Great new feature as always!

Supporter41 days ago

Excellent, thanks for this.