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How many of you solo game?

Mostly solo gaming(1 vote) 25%
Some solo gaming(2 votes) 50%
I rarely solo game(1 vote) 25%
I never solo game(0 votes) 0%

4 votes

This is just a poll to see what our level of solo gaming is. I used very general words in my poll. Therefore, please define your selection.

I mostly solo game. I feel like 80ish% of my gaming is solo gaming. I think that it is a season of life sort of thing. I do expect that the time will come when I will play more multiplayer games.

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5 months ago

I wouldn't say I "mostly" solo, but I do solo more frequently than just "some." But, I picked "Some" anyway. Honestly, I wish I could do more solo gaming. It's a great way for me to relax.

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