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This is an automated weekly post to talk about the game recommendations. Describe the type of game you're looking for, a little bit of what you like, or give recommendations to others.

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Owner6 months ago

I'm looking for a game to play with my wife and my parents!

  • Player count: 4
  • Time limit: Under 1.5 hours
  • Games that we like: #Camel Up (second edition), #Skull, #Just One
  • We don't like: My dad isn't too interested in thinky/puzzly games.
  • We like: Games with good amount of luck, risk-taking, and relying on intuition.
  • Other requirements: It should be preferably language independent since my parents are only good with conversational English. Dexterity games could be an option as well and that is why I've been thinking about #Flip Ships. The overall mood of the game should be lighthearted and get us laughing!

Thanks in advance :)

6 months ago

Flip Ships is always a good time with whoever I've played with. It's so much fun. 

Another good one is #Cosmic Factory, by the same designer as Flip Ships. It's played over a series of rounds, with the main part being a one-minute real-time scramble for players to build their own personal galaxy with the tiles they drafted. It's lighthearted but still has some strategy to it. I really like this one (and need to get it back to the table).

#Colt Express is a wild good time. It's action programming, and depending on what others do, your turn could go south quickly. It's a ton of fun, so long as you don't put too much stock in your action sequence (because things can--and will--go wrong). 

Real-space games like #Turbo Drift (designed by my friend, actually) and #Techno Witches (the game he got inspiration from) are also tons of fun. Using cards/templates to move your car/witch from A to B--without crashing--is a lot of fun. I'd give those a look for sure.

Owner6 months ago

Thanks, I took a quick look at all of those games. I forgot about #Colt Express! Hmmm I should check out a video on that one this weekend. I know enough about the game but never got to the point to see how it actually plays.

5 months ago

Colt Express is a fantastic game. But, keep in mind the programming aspect may be a bit much to grasp for some people (at least, too much for them to want to try learning before playing a few rounds). You can get the hang of it quickly, after a round or two. But it is so wonderful.

6 months ago

I actually thought of #Horrified. I'm not sure how you guys would all feel about a co-op, but it's pretty light, and since it's a co-op, any cards can be read by everyone. Plus you or your wife could manage the monster turns and whatnot, so all your parents would need to do is their own hero turns. It does have luck and risk-taking in it, as well, as you aren't sure what's going to happen in the monster phase.

Owner6 months ago

#Horrified is one I probably would have gotten if I didn't have #Atlantis Rising (second edition). Two very different games, but I at least one solid co-op. I really do appreciate games with "movement" involved a lot more than a static one though, so Horrified appeals to me more.

5 months ago

Ah yeah, if you're not that into co-ops then having multiple is not that appealing. Horrified has the advantage of being more approachable to casual players, though.

5 months ago

Honestly I think #Dragon Castle might be an option, it is language independent, a little thinky and it does rely in intuition. Plays in about 45-1 hour. 

Maybe check out a quick rules vid: