The five upcoming game releases I am most excited for.


One or two of these are from kickstarters that have run and funded, but not delivered yet. I am not including any games that I have kickstarted or preordered, that have not delivered yet. 

5. Dune Imperium. I really don't know much about this one. I just know that I love the IP and I am hoping that it could be a game that I could table more often than something like #Dune.

4. Burncycle. This is coming to KS, from Chip Theory games, in November. This is a solo or cooperative game that casts you as a robot trying to break free from your human overlords. I love the theme of this one, I expect the art and components to be up to the normal standards you expect from Chip Theory Games. I don't know too much about it. But, I am very interested in it.

3. #Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles. This is the latest KS from Mindclash games. They are known for their heavy euro games with strong thematic elements. And, this theme is a great one, a ocean liner getting stranded on a dinosaur infested island...... yes sirree. I didn't back it, because they wanted more than I wanted to give. But, I do hope that it does hit retail a little more affordably sometime.

2. #Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile.This is the latest release from Cole Wehrle. I love the idea of a the huge sweeping narative arc and the story that this game is supposed to tell. I didn't kickstart it, because I was, and continue to be, doubtful about the solo mode.

1. #John Company 2E. Cole Werhle has been working on the second edition of John Company for a while now. I love the idea of this game, that gross consumerism was the spirit that animated the British East India company. This will be coming to kickstarter, from Werhlegig games, maybe this fall???

So, what games are you looking forward too? Do you look forward to games before they come out?

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Owner3 months ago

I actually don't have any games that are really on my radar at the moment. But, these games did catch my attention:

Dune Imperium - Super unfamiliar with the IP and while I'm intrigued, #Dune is way too out of my reach. The fact that it will be familiarity of deck-building and worker placement mechanics is a big plus

#Glen More II: Highland Games - I've looked into #Glen More II: Chronicles several times before and it's been on and off on my wishlist. The fact that it will have an official solo mode (with the upcoming Kickstarter) makes it pop back into my list :)

#Viscounts of the West Kingdom - This is still a potential acquisitions in the future. I like that that it's more of a compact game in comparison to a super sprawled out one like #Paladins of the West Kingdom. Will have to look into if it's a great solo game

As you can see, there aren't really any unreleased games I can think of that I've been wanting to play with my wife. The ones that fall under that category have already been out for a while and it's just a matter of "when" lol

Supporter3 months ago

Yep, I hear you on #Glen More II: Chronicles. I want it, but I want reports from the solo mode first.

3 months ago

#Merchants Cove, #Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood, #Omicron Protocol #Altar Quest and I am certainly very interested in learning more about #burncycle is all about.

Supporter3 months ago

Oh and obviously I'm really excited about #Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile since I backed it and it was my one purchase for 2020 (kind of).

Supporter3 months ago

I thought of you with that one. 

Supporter3 months ago

Fun!  I don't know if I've looked enough at games that are scheduled to be released but I agree I'm really excited to see what Dune: Imperium will be all about.

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