What is up with the price listings for this game?

The amazon listings linked on this page are $100?? I was checking here before I put my copy up for sale for like $10. Is there something I'm missing?

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Premium User8 months ago

Wait are we talking about Citadels? Because I see an Amazon listing on here for the "classic" version for around $11.

8 months ago

Yeah, no idea why it was listed on amazon for so much at that time. I would never buy (or expect to sell) for more than 10ish

Supporter10 months ago

Yes, I have seen this from Amazon before. They will charge bonkers prices for OOP 1st editions for awhile until they figure out that no one wants it, then they sell it cheap. They tend to really equate scarcity with desirability, this is true in so many items, but it does bit them on some other things.

Premium User10 months ago

Hmm maybe it's the edition? This game listing on BGA has more reasonable prices: https://www.boardgameatlas.com/game/Yd28NnaUA0/citadels

10 months ago

Yeah, that's the new version of the game. Much more content, different art, different components. I'm just not sure why the original edition is listed so high.