Gold Rushes and Titans – Upcoming October / November Board Game Kickstarters 2019

New week means another article in our Upcoming Kickstarters series. Today we talk about 3 great board games coming to KS between October and November. Enjoy!

Montana: Longhorns & Goldrush – October 28th

Montana was designed by Rüdiger Dorn – known for Istanbul, Goa and many other euro style board games. The original Kickstarter campaign took place in 2017.

The game tells a story of first settlers appearing in the Big Sky Country. Montana is a worker placement game at heart. Each player leads a group of people arriving at the titular region and has to plan their actions to gather valuable resources and build villages. New workers are recruited through spinning a wheel which randomizes your results. Next: you assign your people to various activities like farming or working in quarries. There is also a rather important element of trading and building constructions on a modular map.


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Supporter10 months ago

I'm very excited for Titans!!