Deals of the Day: August 25, 2020


Amazon Deals

Kanoodle Head-to-Head ~$14, save 37%

Minerva ~$20, save 59%

Pandemic: The Cure ~$34, save 32%

Star Trek: Five Year Mission ~$24, save 31%

Stratego Waterloo ~$36, save 40%

Yearbooked ~$10, save 50%

Miniature Market Sale

Some of the deals that caught my eye:

#B-Sieged: Darkness & Fury $20, save 66%

#Blue Moon City $20, save 50%

#Caverna: Cave vs Cave $13, save 54%

#Lost Legends $15, save 70%

#Nagaraja $24, save 40%

#Nuns on the Run $14, save 60%

#The River $18, save 55%

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Supporter3 months ago

#Nagaraja for $24 is a highly rated 2 player game and the lowest price I ve seen.
The Amex offer makes the deal even better.

3 months ago

For those of you that don't know...Amex is offering a shop small deal...basically 5 off every time you spend 10 or more at small shops (like minature market) up to a total of 50 up to 10 times.


Here is the link

Supporter3 months ago

Just make sure you pay with your AMEX through PayPal on MM, otherwise you won t see you $5 credit. :)

3 months ago

Dangit... #Blue Moon City has interested me for a while...

Supporter3 months ago

I remember it getting pricey when it was between printings for a while. 

3 months ago

ah, so what you're telling me is that this is an investment

Supporter3 months ago

I'm resisting... I'm not buying anything.... I'm resisting... 

3 months ago

Stay strong brother

Supporter3 months ago

Holding on.... 

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