Friend or Foe? The Hidden Role Mechanic

Game Design
Are you friend or foe? Today we talk about the hidden role mechanic in board games.
What is your favorite hidden role game? Do you think hidden role games belong outside of social deduction focused games? Any examples?

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Premium User12 months ago

Nice article. I think my favorite hidden role game is#Secret Hitler with#Werewords Deluxe Edition coming in a close second.

The only non social deduction games I'm aware of with anything that can kind of be described as hidden roles is#Cosmic Frog or#Cosmic Encounter. You have a special ability in both that you keep hidden until you need it. Not sure if this exactly counts though 

11 months ago

I have heard good things about cosmic encounter, i'll have to check it out someday. Put that one on the 'ol bucket list of games to play. :)

Premium User11 months ago

That list keeps growing and growing for me :P

12 months ago

If you consider cryptids hidden aspects a hidden role then I'd say that one.

11 months ago

It's interesting. I like the idea of hidden information in a lot of forms so I'll count it!

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