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Another new Premium Feature: Full Price History


It's typically only necessary to see the most recent months of a game's price history but premium users now have the ability to see all the prices we've tracked for the games!

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43 days ago

Awesome feature, love knowing when a deals actually a deal

Premium User44 days ago

There's that word again.

 full price history meaning forever? Or how long does it go back now?

Owner44 days ago

I started tracking mid 2019.

Premium User44 days ago

Oh nice. I always like looking at similar metrics for video games when I decide to buy one. See how it compares to the lowest price it's ever been to make sure I'm getting a good deal

Supporter44 days ago

Premium? Is that the word?

Premium User44 days ago

Yessir! Clearly gotta work on my premium member pitch to get that salesman tag

Supporter44 days ago

I will join the ranks eventually. Once the calendar turns to January 

Supporter44 days ago

I too am planning on joining the ranks, but will prob wait until January.

Premium User44 days ago

I have no doubts sir. Just gotta pick on you 

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