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Questions for Our Next Podcast


We will be resuming our podcast soon! One little detail I should mention though--Trent is still busy juggling two kids, so I'll be carrying the podcast with guest host @Skurvy5 :D

So, please free to let us know your questions below! It could be about what's been in the works for BGA, future direction, our game preferences/opinions, anything! (incoming Star Wars questions for @Skurvy5)

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Supporter10 months ago

Congrats @Skurvy5 on participating in another form to BGA.

Firstly, I want to know what secret @Skurvy5 has for winning drawings. He reminds me of a pesky brother in law of mine who seems to win everything he enters.

Curious if any of you have any games coming out in 2020 that you are particularly looking forward too.

I know @Skurvy5 is unlikely to back any kickstarters, and @philryuh has not backed any. What would make @philryuh likely to back one?

Owner10 months ago

Great questions, especially Brian's secret behind winning these giveaways.

10 months ago

Whaaaat? So cool! My questions are for both of you, but may be more suited to one over the other.

In the Star Wars universe, who is your favorite bounty hunter and why?

What are some things about playing solo that you really love, that you can't find in a multiplayer game?

What is a game you would love to design yourself (that does not currently exist), whether or not you would ever actually do it anyway?

Please explain in excruciating detail why Grand Admiral Thrawn is one of the best Star Wars characters this side of the Rishi Maze.


Comment deleted.

Supporter10 months ago

I can’t wait to answer these!

Supporter10 months ago

I'm really excited to join Phil for this adventure! Hopefully I can keep the seat warm until Trent comes back.

10 months ago

Oh guest host, fun! No questions, but have fun!