Favorite Gaming Memory


Can be sweet or epic... what's yours? 

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Supporter12 months ago

Playing epic games of Axis and Allies Europe with my buddies in high school. Staying up late rolling dice and spending IPCs. That one time the table collapsed after we’d been playing for about 4 hours and the game was ruined. Great times. 

Supporter12 months ago

Those late night sessions are great!

12 months ago

Mine are definitely playing cards with my grandmothers!  My mom's mother only played Crazy Eights and Go Fish with me in between her day-long rounds of Solitaire.  My dad's mother though played all kinds of card games.  She taught me Cribbage and card games like Steal the Old Man's Pack, Kings in the Corners, and Oh Shit.  My favorite times were being one of the players at a table of my grandparents and their friends playing cards on the screened-in porch of the lake-side cabin they rented in the summer.  I miss her and wish she was around to teach some of my games now!

Supporter12 months ago

Awesome memories! Thanks for sharing!

Supporter12 months ago

Sorry about your grandfather, I don't know that this is my favorite memory, but I had to think of it when I read your memory. 

I have a set of very loving Grandparents. And nearly every morning and/or evening they play "rat chase" which is, as far as I can tell, a unofficial version of aggravation. I remember visiting them one time for a week or so. And I woke up early, while they were playing, and they let me join. I felt like an adult. That was a good morning, and, it wasn't the last morning I played with them.

Supporter12 months ago

Nice! What a great memory!

Supporter12 months ago

I've been thinking about this since I had my Grandfather pass away recently. While no means a "gamer" he did play traditional games with us. My favorite memory is of him and my Great Aunt teaching us to play Pinochle we always enjoyed playing with them and how upset they'd get at each other or their team mates for making bad plays.