Recommend.Games – a board game recommendation engine

Hi everyone!

It's been mentioned around here and there, but I thought it deservers its own post. I've been working over the past months on a board game recommendation engine:

If you have a BoardGameGeek account, just type in your user name and you'll immediately find personal recommendations based on your ratings.

If you don't have a BGG account, just select games you like and we'll find recommendations based on your taste.

Recommend.Games is still in a pretty early stage, so any thought, comments, suggestions are highly appreciated!

PS: you'll spot links to BGA on the game pages, and I definitely intend to integrate its great services further... :-)

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Owner26 months ago

It would be cool to be able to do it based on my Board Game Atlas account. At this point I don't have many games in the lists on BGG but on BGA instead.

I do like the service though and it's a cool system!

26 months ago

Yeah, I would definitely like that too – the bulk of the code should work exactly the same way, just swapping out BGG for BGA ratings. I'd reckon at this point the user base is still a bit too thin for meaningful results, but I have no doubt it will grow quickly!

Owner26 months ago

Sounds good. At what scale do you think the userbase would sufficiently supply good data?

26 months ago

Hard to tell, particularly since there's really no right or wrong recommendations. If I had access to the individual ratings, I could already give it a try. Maybe that would be something for the hackathon?

Owner26 months ago

That'd be a cool time to do it. And the API does give you access to all the individual ratings.

26 months ago

Indeed, I just hadn't clicked on that endpoint. Awesome! I think I got my project... ;-)